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Natal chart & our decisions

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Combinations are hitting in from next pillar!

2020 Metal Rat Year

DO 7K & Relationships

Peach Blossom Star 桃花

The Strength of the Elements

伏吟 Fu Yin & 反吟 Fan Yin

天乙贵人 (Tian Yi Gui Ren) Nobleman Star

空亡 Death and Emptiness (DE)

Clash 冲



Combinations (II)

Cardinal Combination

偏印 Indirect Resource

正印 Direct Resource七杀 7 Killing

正官 Direct Officer

偏财(才) Indirect Wealth – Part II

偏财or才Indirect Wealth

偏财or才Indirect Wealth

食神 Eating God

伤官 Hurting Officer

劫(财) RobWealth

比(肩) Friend

十神 Ten Gods

癸 Gui Yin Water

壬 Ren Yang Water

辛 Xin Yin Metal

庚Geng Yang Metal

己 Ji Yin Earth

戊 Wu Yang Earth

丁 Ding Yin Fire

Yi Wood

Jia Wood

A different view of life

Life! What is all about?