Combinations (II)

Seasonal Combination as the name implies, is about combinations between animal signs of the same season. Like the Cardinal Combinations, Seasonal Combinations also involve the Cardinal animal signs and the respective dominant elements.

The three animal signs of each Combination belong to the same season and the element resulting from the transformation is the same as the Cardinal Sign.

We need to apply the rules for the transformation to take place:

  1. The three animal signs must be present or at least two of them as long as the Cardinal animal sign is present.
  2. The transformation only will take place if there is an inducer at the stems. This inducer is the same as the dominant element for that season.
  3. The resulting element from this transformation should not be clashed by the month branch main Qi element.
Walt Disney

This example shows a combination that is not able to transform.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if the transformation will take place or not. The elements involved should not be strong in order to be transformed and the inducer should not be clashed or combined. It must analyse all the situations.

Now, let’s do some practice. Below is a chart of a very famous person. Can you identify him and are you able to tell if the Cardinal Combination is able to transform and why?

… …

Six Combinations is another set of combinations but this time it only implies the presence of two elements as seen below.

The rules for the transformation to take place are the same for the other Combinations.

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