Ten Gods

七杀 7 Killing

7K is the element that controls the Day Master with the same polarity. In fact this 7K is the only Ten God that has the real power to “kill” the self. That is why, when you see a 7K in a chart make sure you find a Ten God that is able to control, subdue or suppress it. It can be HO, DR, IR or the best EG. By having EG near the 7K you will be sure that the 7K’s effect will not be so strong.

When you have 7K near the DM, at the hour or month stem, it means that there are petty people by your side. It can be everyone close to you, brothers or sisters, friends, children, parents and so on.

Since 7K will only be favourable for weak DM if there is resource element reveal or for strong DM it should not reveal, it’s expected that the resource element, if clashed away or appearing in LP or AP will bring a huge change in those lives that have DO/7K in the natal chart. From favourable, 7K can turn unfavourable or vice-versa.

On the other hand we have 7K as a boyfriend star for the ladies. It is obvious to say that the 7K must be favourable and healthy in order to the ladies get support from the boyfriend. Otherwise these relationships can be not balanced. For males, 7K represents children and when someone is expecting babies EG must not appear or at least not too close and not too strong because it can suppress the 7K and obstacles in having children will increase.

Beside boyfriend, children and petty people 7k also represents the boss. Not an understanding and cheerful one but an aggressive one or the one that abuses power. It is hard to work with someone who is always yelling at you or being impatient.

What should you do if you have unfavourable 7K in your chart? First of all, stay away from petty people around you. Staying close to those who have your EG element can give a little help. Then what about the single ladies that want to meet their boyfriend? Well, this is a delicate situation. If your 7K is not suppressed namely by EG, does have support or protection then you will meet your soul mate and your relationship will be good but that doesn’t mean that you will get support from him. When the difficult time comes you will realize that he might not be able to help you or might be absent. This can be frustrating but at least you know it and can be aware. Wait for those periods when 7K turns favourable and you will enjoy his support. If the 7K is weak, too strong or clashed by EG, the chances of finding someone in this period can be compromised.

In terms of personality 7K is mostly related to courage, guts, go-get-it attitude but also aggressiveness, bad temper, coldness and not so emotional. Strong 7K people, most of the time, react before thinking but is also this 7K that allows them make the first move.

Although we don’t like to see EG clashing a good 7K there are some formations that allows us achieve success like EG controlling 7K formation and HO controlling 7K formation.  You can find the first one at Colin Powell’s chart and the last one in several martial arts actors or famous sports players like Dragon Lee and Jackie Chan, Zidane and many others sport players. Indeed this formation makes them go further, achieving incredible results. But you have to pay attention, not every EG-HO or 7K-HO formations are good or have a good outcome.



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