Combinations are hitting in from next pillar!

Some of the readers’ questions are about decoding what will happen in the next pillar. In order to answer to those questions I decided to explain that in a post.

Every time a new pillar shows up the major concern is to find a possible clash or combination and determine if it’s favourable. Sometimes people get confused because the LP has changed and a combination come from a particular year may have a different meaning. Indeed, we need to analyse the whole picture, reading 6 or even 8 pillars together. It’s very important because a new element can interpose between two elements in clash minimizing the effects.

So, what is the procedure?

  1. You should know the strength of the DM, which are the Useful Gods and Hostile Gods, what kind of relationships existing between the elements and pillars inside the chart and the strength of the elements that make up the chart.
  2. Then you should include the LP and analyse its influence to the natal chart. Any clash or new combination? Any new element produced? Are they good or bad for the chart?
  3. After knowing the new situations and possible impact to the owner of the chart, you need to find a way out or a kind of “cure”. Often the impact is emotional and this implies taking actions, i.e., changing attitudes or behaviours, avoiding situations that lead to those consequences and think twice before making some choices or taking some risks.

Let’s go to some examples.

This is an Ungrateful Punishment formation inside the natal chart. This kind of formation doesn’t produce any element and the main effect is emotional. Ungrateful Punishment brings an ungrateful behaviour from others, i.e., we help others and they get us in trouble! The persons involved can mostly be our family. People with this kind of punishment will always feel unhappy, unsettle and tend to criticize everything and everyone. But it won’t compromise their success if the chart is good in terms of Ten Gods. Here in the example above, the Useful Gods are strong and rooted. When the right pillar comes, success is also achievable.

It is important to remember that what is in the chart will not happen every day throughout the lifetime. The elements or the formations need to be triggered. Unlike the clash that happens once each cycle between two elements, the Ungrateful Punishment involve three elements (at least two of them) and each time one of them appears, the formation is triggered, i.e. several times in a month or year.

At the 53LP in the example, we have a Shen to trigger the punishment. Now, we can find the years, months and days when the elements involved will show up. Take note and be aware. The way to overcome it lies on how you react to the situations. Try to avoid conflicts and to not criticize. Try to accept if people are ungrateful to you. Just smile, because tomorrow is another day. It doesn’t have to be that bad.

This is an example of a Harm formation.

It’s not necessary to have the elements of the formations all inside the natal chart. Just one or two and the formations will take place every single time the elements reappear to trigger.

We are going to reach Li Chun in Fev 4th, when the first month of 2020 in Bazi begins. This is a metal Rat year, so we have Geng Zi 庚子 pillar. 子 will trigger the Harm formation leading a person to feel cornered with difficult or problematic situations due to someone else. It mostly involves betrayal and it can cash you by surprise. After all, it’s also an emotional issue. One will suffer the consequences but the emotional part hurts more.

In this particular case of Wei-Zi Harm, it is called “Heaven Earth Harm” or Confusion Harm. Look carefully inside these two branches. One is Gui yin water and another is Ji yin earth. When yin earth mixes with yin water the supposedly clean water will turn muddy, dim and dirty. Its confused and you can’t distinguish the two of them. It’s like someone being confused due to someone else leading to wrong decisions and the feeling of betrayal. This situation can also bring illness such as poisoning.

I know that Harm formations always sound bad. But don’t forget to analyse their favourability. In our example, if DO if favourable and harm the unfavourable HO, it doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Finally, do remember that sometimes bad things need to occur in order to bring the good things! Just think about that.