60 pillars

Daily reading

I know that many of you will think that looking at the chart and read it every day is tough and boring. But it fills well a purpose: to understand better the influence that the 60 pillars exert on you. For those who are not very comfortable with reading charts, this process can bring you a pretty good idea of those horrible days when everything seems to go wrong and those lucky or creative days when you can finish all your tasks, make things happen or simply have a good day. If you understand that 60 pillars are cyclic then you will notice that the energy of those pillars is also a pattern.

60 pillars are 60 days but there are also 60 pillars for the months and years. If you start marking how did each day goes with symbols such as smiles or coloured balls, soon you will have an idea how smooth is the path for a particular day or if you will have a meeting in a bad day then you should be prepared, taking advantage of knowing this in forehand. Everyone has his/her own favourable and unfavourable elements that appears in the pillars but sometimes good things can happen in a bad day and vice-versa. Why? Because we should read the whole chart with its 8 or even 9 pillars including Luck, Annual, Monthly, Daily or even Hourly pillars. It can sound overwhelmed but is simple. You can print out a map of the 60 pillars vs. the next months until the end of the year (Chinese calendar) or simply print out the monthly calendar available at this blog, stick it on the refrigerator’s door and fill in your symbols. Don’t forget to note down their meanings and you can put more than one in the same day.

Example of symbols

A couple of months later you can create your own 60 pillars table and be aware of how good your day can be. For me, I find EG days are always successful days for cooking complicated or elaborated dishes. I usually don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen but it seems that there are exceptional days! On the other hand water is not good for me to have, when I need to carry out an important task. There will be a lot of obstacles most of the time. Unless this water day combines with other pillars of the month of year or is subdued by other elements, it will surely be a tough day!

Example of a 60 pillars table

This kind of information can also allow you to choose particular days for particular tasks. If a favourable pillar comes out with good luck symbols all the time, it will probably be a good day for you. Enjoy it!