2020 Metal Rat Year

2020 is coming soon. It’s time to let go the old and welcoming the new.

In terms of Bazi the New Year, also called Li Chun, falls on 4th February and the Chinese New Year falls on 25th January.

Can we read the Bazi chart for a particular year? The answer is yes! We can plot the chart for that year using the exactly moment that it starts and in 2020 is 4th February 17:22pm.  

2020 bazi chart

This is the resulting chart.

Now, how can we read it? The way to analyse the chart is similar to a normal natal chart.

First we should check for the elements. Do they all appear? Yes, there is no missing element, which is good. But are they balanced? By counting the elements, we can find more earth and metal. Earth can nurture and growth wood and also produces metal. Is possible that the world’s economies growth and there are hidden profits for those who are willing to tap.

In terms of pillars, the hour, day and year pillar are in producing cycle, so they are harmonious. But at the month pillar, earth is clashing wood. Since wood is resource element for Ding Day Master, it’s a sign that the resources are short in 2020. It is important to well manage what we have.

At the stems we can see both EG & HO revealed with strong roots. They are output elements meaning that 2020 is good for doing or making things happen. They bring creative and communication energies but fire element is not so strong. It seems that we should do more and chat less.

Wealth element is also strong, revealing at year stem with roots at hour and day branch. But this wealth is coming from hard work. We have to put some effort in order to get more income.

The water element representing 7K is weak. We can still see some confronts and arguments but they will not rule the main attentions. People have to find a way out for their differences and put efforts in building a better world.

Happy New Year for everyone!!