Ten Gods

正官 Direct Officer

DO is the element that controls the DM with the opposite polarity. When DO appears in the natal chart in a good proportion, it will provide an honourable, honest, independent, reasonable, reliable, disciplined, straight-shooter, organized but authoritative DM. When DO is too strong or too weak, the DM will appear more rigid, inflexible, poor negotiator, fearful, nervous, timid, indecisive, lacking initiative, doesn’t command much respect from those around him/her.

A DM with strong DO, name it revealed and rooted, shows the capacity to work in politics and diplomatic fields, someone who follows the rules. But unless your chart only has DO, probably you have to take all others Ten Gods into account when reading a chart. Generally, characteristics traits are a mix of several elements building specific personality.

In terms of “favouritism” 7K/DO are the trickiest Ten Gods. They will switch between the two possibilities and the key to find out which fulfil the conditions lies on the resource elements, if they are revealed in a natal chart. This means that for a weak DM, there must be DR/IR revealed to protect the DM and for strong DM it should not happen (because it is not necessary more enhancement for the unfavourable DR/IR) in order to 7K/DO be favourable. But life is dynamic and changes will occur throughout the time when DR/IR appears or are combined away by other elements the scenario will change too.

Good and bad companies for the DO. I think that everybody who is fond of Bazi should know about the relationship between HO-DO. It is easy to find information about it. Indeed, this is not a good sign. When they appear together in a natal chart and are close to each other the effect is more evident. HO literally means Hurting Officer and Officer is the Direct Officer. From that we can conclude that they shouldn’t appear together or near in order to not clash each other. Actually, HO denotes a rebellious character, people who bend the rules and DO always follows the rules. Together, they will cause a lack of respect attitude playing against the rules and the outcome will not be good to the DM.

In terms of people DO represents husband for female and son for male. When DO appear in the AP and combines or clashes with the day pillar, the chances of a lady encountering her husband are high. If this DO is favourable or the outcome of the combinations is good then the result is even better. But if there are strong HO/EG in the chart they will clash with DO and the relationship will be challenging. It is the same situation for males when we are talking about children. If you are expecting a child, be sure that there are no HO/EG around for the next ten months at least.

From the quality of this DO we can understand the relationship between husband and wife or father and son. If your DO is healthy, strong and well protected, it means that your relationship with your husband will be good. Fathers can enjoy yielding children. On the other hand, if DO is favourable to you then you will get support from your husband/children.

When DO appears in the annual or monthly pillar, it might bring changes, good or bad, like job promotion or problems with authority. It will depend on the relationships between all the elements in the chart and the LP/AP. In some cases it will be necessarily include month and day for a wide perspective.



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