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Clash 冲

Clashes occur when two diametrically opposed animal signs (as shown below) appear side by side within the Bazi natal chart or when they come from the Annual/Luck Pillar. If you are not acquainted with the names and meaning of the animal signs, please check the resource.


If the Clash takes place inside the chart it means that the consequences are waiting to happen. It needs the same elements to show up to trigger. A Clash always involves some emotional impact and stress and can have positive or negative outcome, depending on which elements are involved and their favourability. As each pillar in a natal chart has its own meaning, a clash between pillars also assumes different outcomes. Basically the four pillars refer to family (hour pillar stand for children; day pillar stands for spouse; month pillar stands for parents and year pillar stands for grandparents) and clashes between them will always condition the quality of the relationships. This is a simplest way to analyse the four pillars but as we go deeper we will need to analyse the Ten Gods involved.

Clashes are like fights and every fight needs at least two opponents and according to their strength we can preview who can win or if the two parts will really get hurt.

In terms of 5 elements, some clashes can be very serious like water-fire clash or metal-wood clash. The wood-earth, fire-metal and earth-water clashes are less severe. It is like suppression more than a real clash.

The next step is to understand the nature of the clash and it is possible through the analyses of the Ten Gods that are involved. If you don’t know their meaning you can find the posts related to each of them in the “Ten Gods” Category.

After knowing who or what is clashing, it is also important to analyse the strength of the clash and this is determined by the strength of each element. The element that is rooted, protected and enhanced is stronger. The closer the roots and the less suppression by the surrounding elements, the stronger the element becomes.

The outcome of this battle depends on the winner. It is OK for a favourable element as a winner. Some positive clashes can bring money or promotions. If it is hostile, it can bring some misfortune, stress, losses, illness or separation. What about two balanced opponents in terms of strength? The chances of injuries or losses will be higher.

Anyway, clashes are clashes and they will always bring instability.

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