Symbolic Stars

天乙贵人 (Tian Yi Gui Ren) Nobleman Star

This is my favourite subject because it refers to that precious help when we need it most. Help coming from heaven. We can call it a benefactor star. In fact, the individuals who have this star on their birth chart will enjoy a priceless and indubitable privilege throughout their life. It is about people and opportunities that come to us when they are most needed, freeing us from an obstacle, to solve a problem or when we are in trouble or danger, to save our lives.

For those who can’t find this star in the birth chart, do not exasperate. You can always find them at Luck, Annual, monthly or even daily pillars. This is important for special events, such as presentations, business meetings, exams or wedding, so that we can achieve a positive outcome.

However, having this star, whether in the natal chart, in the luck/annual pillars, does not mean that no obstacles will appear or that everything goes smoothly. Probably, when troubles come, help will show up too and the Nobleman himself/herself might not even know the reason why they helped.

So how does this star appear?

Nobleman Star is one of the symbolic stars of the Shen Sha of Chinese Astrology & Metaphysic. It is derived from the Clash of the Stems in clockwise starting from Jia Zi pillar and in counter clockwise starting from Jia Shen pillar resulting in Yang and Yin Nobleman stars. This means that everybody have at least two of them. But not everybody can be a Nobleman to others. Can you find out who are this people?

When I started to study this subject, I found different ways to plot this star. For some Masters, the Day Stem in the Bazi chart is the common reference point to use but for others, (in an advanced level, they say) the reference is the Stem of the year of birth pillar as you can see at the table below. For example, this year 2019 is 己亥 Ji Hai and those born in this year should use 己 Ji as a reference point.

Day Stem & Year Stem

There is a way to identify the Nobleman Star from the Year Stem without plotting the Bazi chart. Use the last digit of the Year of Birth as a reference point to find the corresponding stem in the table below. It is used for Feng Shui purposes to find the sector and direction of the Nobleman Star. Activating it or simply spending more time in this sector of the house/office will helps us a lot. For example: If you are born in 1974 then use 4 as reference point and the correspondent Nobleman stars are Ox & Sheep.

In order to simplify the reading, leaving the technical part for the researchers, there are simple and practical steps to follow, leading us to the Nobleman stars:

1st» Plot the Bazi natal chart.

2nd» Identify the stems of the Day pillar and the Year pillar, as shown in the previous image.

3rd» Find the corresponding Astrological Signs that represents your Nobleman stars in the table below.

4th» Find beyond your family members, friends, colleagues, superiors, employees or people you know, those who were born to be your Nobleman and there you have your list of benefactors. Keep in mind that your Nobleman can perfectly be someone unknown.

5th» Look for those Astrological Signs (or Earthly Branches in Bazi) in your natal chart or other pillars to find your Nobleman period, so you can plan your important events.

Nobleman Star by Day/Year Stem

It is obvious for me that we can’t ignore any of the Nobleman stars since the both methods are described in the ancient books. Now, I’m going to give you a challenge:

*Look for your Noblemen in your relationships and the period in which they appear, take notes and share with us which method is more accurate.*

 At last but not least, this is my testimony:

«I met a person, shortly after I started working, and for more than twenty years we shared the same workplaces, projects, interests and some friends.  In the early years our relationship was merely professional and yet, very bad. We argued a lot and criticized each other. Later, when I started studying Feng Shui and Bazi, I discovered that we were antagonists (belong to opposite Zodiac Signs), which means that we are astrological enemies. We could never get along. But it turns out that this person was my Nobleman and for professional reasons, we started an important project together which could probably be a disaster. Being two mature guys, we put aside our differences and only focus on carrying out the project. The truth is, over the years, although we do not always agree with each other, each time I found myself in trouble, this Nobleman appeared, even when not expected, to solve my problems, to defend and help me. But aside from these moments, we were always cordial as two enemies could be and sometimes even rivals.»