Cardinal Combination

Combinations is nothing more than a kind of joining forces between two or three animal signs inside the natal chart or with those appearing in the ten years pillars or annual pillars. Monthly or daily pillars also counts but its influence is short. When they have places then it should be the first thing to do before analysing the strength of the DM. If there are combinations, then it is necessary to evaluate if the transformation is possible. How to do that? There are several rules that one should follow however, the final result sometimes need a deeper evaluation using more advance techniques. To keep it simple to understand, I will cover the must know rules about transformations. With practice, one will grab the essences and then it should be possible to begin the journey to go deeper.

The first Combination is called Cardinal Combination, The Three Harmony Combination or just Assembly. This is because the core of the combination is a Cardinal element that absorbs the energy to become stronger or dominant.

The Cardinal element Rat belongs to WATER, Rabbit belongs to WOOD, Horse belongs to FIRE and Rooster belongs to METAL. When they combine, the tendency is to transform the whole set into only one element, the dominant element.

Now, it is not sure that every combination will transform. For the transformation to happen, it is necessary an inducer. This inducer is represented by the dominant element and it has to reveal at the stems and should not be clashed by the month main Qi element.

Let’s get an example.

Dragon, Rat and Monkey form a Cardinal Combination that transform into water induced by Gui water and supported by month branch. As a result, water element became strongest in this chart. This can be a good or bad situation depending on the favourability of the outcome or the dominant element.

Cardinal Combinations or Assemblies also occur with just two elements since the Cardinal element is present. In the above example, if we have Rat and one of the other two animal sign, then it is called a Half Combination and the rules for the transformation are the same of the full Combination.

Below is a case that the Combination will not transform because the dominant element water is clashed by the month main Qi element earth.

What is the consequence of a transformation?

Surely it will depend on the favourability of the dominant element in the chart. If it is usable, say it to protect the Useful Gods from serious attacks, to enhance them or to weaken the hostile gods, the combination is welcome. If it is not usable or cause damage to the favourable elements in the chart, then the combination is undesirable.

Remember, every combination that transform, will turn the dominant element  into very strong and it could change the previous relationship between the 5 elements inside the chart and all others pillars evolved. The strength of the Day Master will also depend on this change.
 That is why applying the combinations and transformations are the first thing to do when reading a Bazi chart.

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