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偏财(才) Indirect Wealth – Part II

This post was prepared to answer the questions from the early post under the theme INDIRECT WEALTH. If you didn’t read the first post, then you should take a look here.

This chart belongs to a weak DM whose IW are revealed and rooted in the sub-qi (not too strong) and he denotes good entrepreneur skills. However his F/RW elements must be strong in order to achieve wealth. In his chart, the favourable elements are all hidden in the branches so he needs to wait for good LPs.

As you can see, his favourable elements appear early at his 2nd and 3rd LP but they are still hidden. After that, the next four LPs are all favourable with strong resource and F/RW reveal. Pay attention to when resource elements are revealed because the 戌寅午 combination in the natal chart will be able to transform into DR/IR. With strong resource to enhance and protect the F/RW he was able to control the IW and fame, success and wealth are all within his reach.   He is Michael Bloomberg.


This is another weak DM’s chart with  F revealed but only with roots at Si (RW). This F is attacked by DO from below and weakened by IW at stem but with 3 RW as roots and 3 DR to support, F is still strong enough to control IW. This average strong IW will bring money if F/RW stays stronger. Her first 6 LP’s stems are not favourable but the branches are, strengthening her F at stem, so she managed to earn a lot of money as an artist (EG supported by 2 F) and became a film director in the 4th LP making even more money. Her huge fame came from the strong resource elements (fame, success, reputation, intelligence and nobleman) and her wealth came from self elements (strength, friends and fans).

She is Angelina Jolie


Now let me share with you another chart but this time with a very strong IW.

There are 3 x half combination between 未 and 卯 able to transform into IW. This leads to the chart changing from Strong to Fake Follow but after all it is a strong DM chart. IW is very strong and revealed and the chances to become very rich are there. But this is the real problem. IW is too strong and the negative characteristics traits stood out, like financialy imprudent, impulsive spenders, impacient, impulsive decisions makers, like short cuts and so on, making the DM not fit to a great entrepreneurer.

But this doesn’t mean that money wouldn’t show up, it’s just not from hard work or through business skills and the amount might not be so high. Actually, this lady has received an inheritance.