Bazi, Destiny, Ji Earth

己 Ji Yin Earth

己 Ji yin earth is like the soil, able to nurture and helping to grow, but before it, Ji earth needs to be worked on in order to keep it fertile and productive.

Ji earth people are also productive, nourishing and resourceful. They like luxury and a comfortable lifestyle. They don’t accept low standards, hardship or sacrifices and can feel very depressed if they are not recognized for their effort.

Ji earth people have great memory so they can forgive but they never forget.

Let’s find a Ji earth daymaster.


Kevin Costner DOB: Jan 18, 1955 (09:40PM)



Kevin Costner is a famous actor and singer. He started to achieve fame with The Untouchables in 1987, Field of Dreams in 1989, he performed and directed a movie which earned 9 Oscars, Dance with the wolves, in 1990. Then Robin Hood in 1991 and Bodyguard at 1992, definitely throwing him into to limelight and won several awards.

After that, something happened and his next works didn’t achieve the same success (1993 – A Perfect World; 1994 – Wyatt Earp; 1995 Waterworld; 1997 – Postman; 1998- For Love of the Game; 1999 – Message in a bottle; 2000 – Thirtheen Days). But he never gave up. Since 2007 he has been part of a Country Rock band Modern West and he has never stopped.

Is it all written in his Bazi chart?

He has a good chart, after all the combinations and transformations, he only has favourable elements in the chart. Besides that, he also has the “Chief” as his “Guardian of Destiny” meaning, among other things, that “no evil can touch”!

In 1990, when Kevin won his Oscars, he actually entered in the 36LP (Xin EG/Bing DR), Bing triggered the DR and his turn to achieve fame and recognition had started, even with a lot of competitors brought by the revealed EG. This EG can’t do much harm since resource elements were stronger.

In 1993 when obstacles came, he was going through a Gui You pillar. Strong Gui (IW), supported by Xin (EG) clashed with day and month stem, weakening his reputation and success. He manage to go on, never gave up.



Now, he is going through the 56LP (Gui IW/Ji F). This time, Gui does not have support but is suppressed by Ji F instead. Daymaster is very well protected so he will continue doing fine.

Donald Trump DOB: Jun 14, 1946  (10:54AM)


Donald is also a Ji Earth daymaster. He was born rich and with the help of his father, he turned into a successful entrepreneur and business man.

Against all odds, he managed to win the elections in 2016 and now, even with all the scandals around him and with more than 50% americans staying against him, nothing seems to happen with his presidential mandate.

It makes us wonder if his chart could explain all this.


In fact, his is a superior chart. His DR revealed with roots at all four pillars of the chart making the self element very strong, able to grab the wealth, fame and power that he has today.


He is now going through a difficult 68LP, even though, 2016-2019 will still see his favourable elements reveal. He will probably take his mandate till the end.



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