Ten Gods

伤官 Hurting Officer

HO is the element produced by the DM with opposite polarity. To find the HO of each ten Day Masters, just take a look at the Cheat Sheets here. As the names implies, hurting officer means against the officer, the superior. In terms of Ten Gods, HO clashes with the DO and when one meets another, there will be some issues. That is why there is a saying in ancient books: “伤官见官为害百般” and it means that when HO meets DO, it will bring some damage!

HO in a Bazi chart is an output element, able to attract attention to the owner, and most often is through the natural talent he/she has, the voice! Talking is one of the countless ways of seeking attention but it is also a rebellious behaviour. Let’s say, HO doesn’t like DO, representing law, orders, instructions and the owner is the one who will lead the crowd to the turmoil making heard through his persuasive voice.

Since HO is an output element, it represents talents like performing, acting, singing, teaching even talking. Generally, people with strong HO are usually highly creative and ambitious, they like limelight and lots of attention. When HO is positive and well-balanced in a chart, the common character traits shown would be: confidence, street-smart, focused, hard-worker, innovative, adaptive and fast learners but when there is excessive or is out of balance, they will turn bad: arrogant, showy, critical, argumentative, workaholic and show bad behaviours. In the extreme way, they can be against the authority, anarchist, and even husbands’ controllers or become overweight.

When HO appears in a chart it will be only favourable to strong Day Masters. It is because the DM produces HO weakening itself. Now, how much can this HO be favourable to the DM? It depends on how many HO appear and where do they appear. If they are located only at the stems, without roots, they will be very weak (unless they are supported by the season). In this case the owner of the chart will denotes superficially the characteristics traits of the HO, being apparently rebellious, sharp-tongued, talkative, good communicator, inventive, etc. The truth is, this DM can be very timid, shy and conservative instead. In fact this is not very good to have HO only at the stems as the capacity of being out-of-the-box, creative, good at performance will all fade away when comes the moment to really take it to the stage!

On the other hand, if they only appear hidden in the branches, it would mean that, no matter how good you are, no one will notice you! You need to try hard just to convince people in something that they can’t actually see or you need to wait until HO appears at the stems of the annual or ten years pillars just to be revealed, then things will happen but, remember, it will only last for those periods of time!

Although HO only located at branches cannot show its glory but it will change if there is a wealth star at the stem. Since wealth will only bring wealth if supported by output elements, a good and healthy HO can support a DW/IW element in order to allow money to come by.

However you will pass by some cases where DW/IW have support of output elements and still money is nothing that abounds. Why? First, it can be a case of a weak DM. Second, the RW star is strong. For a strong DM, RW star is a Friend star, so it’s not favourable and as I have explained at “Ten Gods Robwealth”, the RW denotes spendthrift traits and one can’t accumulate wealth even if it keeps coming.

Hereupon, if you are a strong DM and have HO in your chart, be sure that they are strong, healthy and well protected in order to achieve fame, recognition, good reputation and great success. By strong, it means revealed and have roots. By healthy, it means that it will not suffer from clashes, punishments, and others transformations that will weaken its strength and by well protected, it means that there are elements nearby that can produce it.

At this moment a huge doubt can appear in your mind: if HO needs support, then RW can be a great support. So how can we use it, since it is unfavourable? We can use it, if it is not strong and near the HO. It is what is called “usable” even unfavourable. In these conditions, weak RW will produce HO and HO can produce wealth. If RW become too strong, it actually can’t produce HO, instead it will be overwhelming (like water produces wood but when there is too much water and turns into floods, flooded and floated wood can’t produce fire).

For those who are weak DM, HO stars still mean the same characteristics traits. However the negative side will be more evident and since HO is not favourable to the DM, it will weaken the Friend elements and these Friend elements represent in fact, the wealth for the weak DM. Think about someone who wants to be a pop star and in order to launch himself to fame, decided to record his own music and CDs. Even provided with a good talent, the influence brought by the unfavourable HO star, pushed away everyone that could be his fan. At the end, he spent money but didn’t get the profits.


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