Bazi chart

Natal chart & our decisions

In my latest post, I talked about how we react to our own chart. This time I want to share with you my experience, my researches and my own thoughts about this subject.

I receive so many questions asking about the meaning of a particular situation in the natal chart but at the end of the day, I can resume it into this: “What if I don’t have this Element/Ten God in my chart or if it is clashed or combined?”

Let’s talk about money. After knowing which are my wealth stars, it’s good to find them in my own natal chart, right? But I can tell you that it’s better to find them at our LPs especially in the period between 20s & 60s where we can actively make some difference in our life. However, it’s not enough to find them at the LPs, it’s important that they appear healthy, not clashed or combined. It means that if they are clashed or combined, their strength will become lower. In terms of money, it can appear and disappear in our hands or, in a worse scenario, it will not come and we can face some unexpected spending money situations.

Consequences and reactions:

1st – Sadness

2nd – Anger/revolt

3rd – Find other areas that can fulfill us

The first one is understandable. The difference between the other two is the ACCEPTANCE. Anger is the reaction without acceptance. People start chasing madly after what they think is possible or that the future is in their hands. If you are young, you’ll probably think like that. But time and life will teach you that no matter how you fight, what was meant to be will be.

The path with acceptance is peace. Only after reaching peace inside us we can go on. We all know that a blind man has other keener senses. In other words, if we don’t have money, we can still excel in other areas and feel accomplished.

Another huge worry is about the spouse star. What if the signs tell us that relationships are a challenging dream? Quarrelsome relationships are still a kind of relationship. What is important to know is if we are willing to live in a problematic and confusing way. One day, the question will show up: Can I let go? If we think about someone like 007 the special agent, we all will agree that a family or even a serious relationship will tie him down. It will be his Achilles heel. People like him should live alone but with lots of friends!

You should know by now that the point is, your life will be what you choose to be, with all the consequences, good and bad. Once you make up your mind, you need to accept what is coming in your way. It will help you to make new decisions in each single moment of your life. Find a good purpose, help someone and don’t forget to smile J. I was told that,

“There is no good that always lasts or bad that never ends.”