Ten Gods

食神 Eating God

EG is the element created by the Day Master with the same polarity. It represents creativity, eccentricity and perfectionism. Since it is an Output element, it represents philosophical thinking, intelligence, strategy and also flamboyance.

*If EG become very strong (for ladies) it will clash with 7K/DO in a chart and chances of divorce can be high.

Although EG is related to food, its main meaning is creation of food or the art of making tasty food and beautiful dishes. But is not the only creation that it is related. It also expresses creation in other areas like writing, drawing, and painting.

When EG appears revealed and rooted in a chart, the artistic skills will be more visible. In term of characteristics traits, the person will appreciate beautiful and finer things in life, will have a sense of luxury and will be like an invisible hand that gets things done.

If EG in a chart is too strong or too weak, the negative aspects of personality traits will manifest. The person is weirder, act as a day dreamer, have Peter Pan syndrome, over complicate a problem, don’t want to face reality and can also be mean-spirited.

For a strong Day Master, EG is positive and can decrease the strength of the self. On the other hand EG can produce wealth as an output element, using knowledge to make things happen. EG also represents intelligence, wisdom, reputation and fame.

For a weak Day Master, EG is unfavourable be it weaken the self, be it enhancing the wealth element that is negative leading to money problems. EG also will clash with 7K/DO bringing law issues or obstacles in relationships or even conceptions problems.

For ladies, EG as an output element also represents children. We can find their relationship with the children through the relationship between self and EG, between day and hour pillar and the strength of the EG itself. For a good relationship, the two pillars shouldn’t be involved in clash, harm, destruction, punishment or combination where the EG is combined away. EG (HO also count as children star) should be strong otherwise the relationship might be compromise. EG as a children star can be also influenced by the resource elements. If we encounter a strong resource element in a lady natal chart, when comes the time of conception and EG appears in the LP or AP, it will be clashed by the strong resource element and conceiving will become harder.

If unfavourable 7K appears in the natal chart, it should be controlled by other elements and EG is the best choice for the harm to decrease. The closer they are the better it is for a more effective control.

Although 7K/DO can be unfavourable they are still  boyfriend/spouse stars and being clashed by EG will challenge the relationship and when a lady gets married in a EG year, the chances are this marriage might not last long.

However, we need to remind that Bazi only refers to a third part of destiny, and one have to see the strength of the elements before deciding that a marriage will not last or someone can’t even find the right person for a relationship.

After all, the relationship between the Ten Gods is important for the chart reading and one needs to take into account all the 6 pillars (8 is better) when analysing the complex interactions between them.



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