World crisis, can we help?

This tiny little thing of about 20-300 nm called Sars-Cov-2 has stopped the entire world and brought with it a serious world-wide economic crisis.

Year of 2020

Was there any sign that it would happen? I think, yes. If we consider that each pillar of the chart represents three months of the year, we have DW sit on transformed EG at the first pillar (year pillar). Wealth is supported by its resource making possible the creative and hard work generating wealth. But Tiger is early spring, so in season and sit on month branch  and Ding is also supported by wood. For a weak DM, EG/HO/DW/IW are not so favourable. DW needs a stronger DM to control it. Wealth may not come or only possible for those who are willing to dig. (In Chinese 危机 stands for crisis, the first character means danger and the second means opportunity. This is the sign that any crisis will come with its dangerous situations and its own opportunities.)

The second pillar related to the next three months, shows HO sit on DR. They will clash each other. HO refers to one’s behaviour and clash with DR, among other thing, refers to health condition, physical wellbeing. Health will suffer from the global behaviour and from the produced earth by a hidden combination between month and day branch. Some will call it hidden agenda. The all situation came too fast and nobody was prepared.

The third pillar with fire in the earth will last until September. People are trying to create something to stop or defend themselves from this invisible attack. Since there is a disease, we desperately need a medicine or vaccine to fight it. The earth day branch combines with the hour branch and the earth will produce metal. If we can produce an effective vaccine or medication, it will generate a lot of money, because the whole world will need it.

For the last three months of the year, we also see the earth producing metal. It’s time to use our creative skills to save the economy, even if it is for most, a struggling process for their survival.

*** *** ***

Above was my point of view in terms of Bazi. And what about us? Can we do anything to help? I asked myself this question and find it difficult to carry out alone. Maybe we should unite and let the global energy change the situation.

Before Covid-19, there was already situations of calamity, where hunger, poor hygiene conditions and the war plagued part of the world. Good will is not enough, we also need a well-organized structure to deliver all the necessary assistance. As long as that aid doesn’t get there, I thought about the ways in which we can act. When I was young, the elderly always told me this:

“Rather than give a fish, you should teach how to fish!”

This though has been with me all my life. As I can’t do much, I would like to ask everybody that are reading this post and those around you to repeat words of a powerful though such as:

“We will find new solutions to face our problems and seize opportunities to improve our lives with each passing day. We will be able to change the present if we want to.”

Just few minutes, in our daily life, in the morning and at night, if we do it together, we can make a difference.

*Émile Coué, psychologist and pharmacist, introduced this new method of psychotherapy: the stimulation of the self by conscious self-suggestion.*

If you believe in this theory, do not wait any longer.

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