A harm formation is a type of relationship between Earthly Branches that cause a negative outcome or situation. It’s like the feeling of being put in difficult or dangerous situations due to someone else, leading to problems and suffering. It’s emotionally disturbing and catches by surprise. It mostly involves betrayals from someone you trust and you are unable to run from the situation. Since it can be something that you are not expecting for and can last for some time, it can be very unpleasant.

Harm formation occurs when an Animal Sign (branch) prevents the Combination of two others Signs by clashing one of them. Taking Shen-Hai Harm as an example, Hai will Harm Shen by Clashing with Si preventing it to combine with Shen. To make it easier to memorize, you can follow the image below.


Examples of Harm:

*Our spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend stolen by our best friend.

*Our partner misappropriated our project.

*Gossips and backstabbing leading people to believe that we had stole a big idea.

Will this Harm Formation be worst then a Clash?

Almost every Bazi Practitioners will say yes, far more. It is because we can see a Clash coming but we will never be prepared for Harm situation, it will last, it will be painful and we can’t run away from, sometimes leading us to deep suffering and depression or something even worst.

The best way to deal with it is to accept, accept, and accept, no revenge – for betrayal;

LET GO and MOVE ON – for losses;

Don’t think too much or think that everything happens for some reason: “If a door closes in front of you, a window will open”. Sometimes, some bad things need to happen in order to bring the good things.

We need to remember that for a Harm to occur, it have to be the feeling of betrayal and the loss of something, be it emotional or material. The situation usually catch us by surprise because we take things for granted or due to carelessness. Harm situations are usually negative but depending on the elements and the Ten Gods involved, at the end, the outcome can be somehow positive. Under a careful analyzes, we can notice that a single formation or combination mostly won’t happen solely and we have to take into account the situations that are taking place all together.

Below are some of the situations/conditions of Harm Formation that I found on the subject:

子未害 Zi Wei Harm is considered the most severe as it is “Heaven Earth Harm” and is usually a Confusion Harm, like your mental equilibrium is affected.

丑午害 Chou Wu Harm causes pain due to betrayal but it will level up the intolerance and anger towards others.

寅巳害 Yin Si Harm involves gossips and petty people.

卯辰害 Mao Chen Harm is serious and people involved are also very closed, as relatives, friends or spouse. The closest the relationship the more damaging is the Harm due to carelessness or over trust.

酉戌害 You Xu Harm is like rooster and dog relationship, not peaceful.

申亥害 Shen Hai Harm involves gossips and betrayal due to carelessness.

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