Combinations (II)

Seasonal Combination as the name implies, is about combinations between animal signs of the same season. Like the Cardinal Combinations, Seasonal Combinations also involve the Cardinal animal signs and the respective dominant elements.

The three animal signs of each Combination belong to the same season and the element resulting from the transformation is the same as the Cardinal Sign.

We need to apply the rules for the transformation to take place:

  1. The three animal signs must be present or at least two of them as long as the Cardinal animal sign is present.
  2. The transformation only will take place if there is an inducer at the stems. This inducer is the same as the dominant element for that season.
  3. The resulting element from this transformation should not be clashed by the month branch main Qi element.
Walt Disney

This example shows a combination that is not able to transform.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if the transformation will take place or not. The elements involved should not be strong in order to be transformed and the inducer should not be clashed or combined. It must analyse all the situations.

Now, let’s do some practice. Below is a chart of a very famous person. Can you identify him and are you able to tell if the Cardinal Combination is able to transform and why?

… …

Six Combinations is another set of combinations but this time it only implies the presence of two elements as seen below.

The rules for the transformation to take place are the same for the other Combinations.

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7 thoughts on “Combinations (II)”

  1. Hi, really handy summary thanks! We talk about interactions at the stem or branch level but can an element in the branch affect the stem (and vice versa)? E.g my D.O.B is 8 Sept 1978 and YP is Wu Wu. Next year, 2020, is Geng Zi year. There is a Zi/ Wu clash in the year branch, but will the GUI water in the Zi also combine or have an effect (even if more minor) on the Wu Earth in the stem? Thx

    1. Sorry for late reply.
      Yes! The stem can affect the branch and vice-versa. They can clash, combine, etc. but inside the pillar. You are talking about Wu stem of the year pillar of the natal chart and the Zi branch at 2020 annual pillar. If the elements are not side-by-side or next, then the effect will be much lower and in some cases will not happen (you can refer to the “Combinations” post here

  2. Hi, thank you for the article and interesting information regarding combination.

    I would like to attempt to answer the question if the seasonal combination would transform or not. It is likely that the transformation would occur to form fire with considerations given to;
    1. All three earthly branches of Si, Wu and Wei are present in the natalchart
    2. The transformation is supported by heavenly stem of Bing and month earthly branch of Wu
    3. The transformed product of fire is not clashed by month Wu main Qi of Ding. It is in fact supported by the main Qi of Wu.

    The chart is dominated by Earth and Fire. Earth during summer month of Wu is strong. Both Ji and Bing are also rooted.There is heavenly combination between DM Ji with Jia to form Earth. i think the chart belongs to D Trump.
    Please kindly correct if my deduction is incorrect.

    I would like to check if the Si, Wu and Wei transformation does take place to produce fire , does this transformation favourable or unfavourble to the owner of this chart? How do we classify a chart to be strong or vibrant/fake vibrant. I think the favourability of the transformation of Si, Wu and Wei would be dependent on if the above chart is classified as strong or vibrant/fake vibrant.

    Thank you again for this interesting article.

    Best Regards;

    1. Hi David. You are rigth, the chart belongs to D. Trump. He owns a special chart and is Vibrant or Extreme Strong. It makes the DM becomes Weak with Friend and Resource stars as favourable elements.
      So the outcome of the transformation for the Seasonal Combination is favourable. But there is a question: if his Jia Wood is combined and transformed into earth then his DO is very weak. How did he manage to win the elections? There is no DO at the Ten Years Luck Pillars.

      1. Hi Feng Yan, thank you for your kind reply. If his chart belongs to Vibrant or Extreme Strong, the Jia Wood DO may not be favourble to him. Transforming into earth and making DO very weak may beneficial to this chart. Earth would represent F/RW star to him which may represents his supporters, fans among other things. With earth element favourable to him, this would mean that fans/supporters would be working in favour for him.
        There are other elements/factors for considerations as well ie the election bazi date and his opponent’s bazi.
        Please feel to comment if my interpretation is incorrect. Thank you again for your kind input.

        Best Regards;

      2. Hi David. The day Donald Trump was elected happens to be Jia wood, his DO. But this is not enough to win the elections. Of course if the chart of the opponent is not favourable, it will help. Some masters think that his DO can’t successfully transform into earth and maintain in the chart waiting to be triggered. By looking at his chart, I can’t find any reason for the transformation not occurs. So the chances lie at the elements of the day of election, 8th Nov 2016. It was Bing Monkey year (DR/HO), Ji Boar month (F/DW) and Jia Horse day (DO/IR). His favourable elements are there and reveal but not so strong. In fact, he lost the vote count: 62984825 against 65853516 for Hillary Clinton. Luckily for him, USA doesn’t work that way. He wins the electoral College by 304 against 227. “C’est la vie!”

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