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A different view of life

Life is such a thing that sometimes makes us think about it all the time. I am looking back to all my life and surprisingly, I can’t identify myself. Who was I? Who am I? It’s just like I didn’t really live yet. So, what am I missing?

This is the answer that I want to find out from now on. Stick to me and we will go out there,looking for the right path…

20160824_path Fullfillment is the word that came out right now. “No regret” is the way we should live our life. This means that we have to make choices and make it right. By starting to live, I need to choose the person I want to be, like being kind, nice and cheerful to others or simply egoistic and mean (these are only a few examples).

At this moment I’m choosing to be a cool person. Not so emotional and keep people away. Acting this way can lead me to a calm enviroment where the only thing that matters is to concentrate on my purpose.

After that I want to start chasing my dreams, using my talents to find out what life has prepared for me. No need to say that I have to fight against my fear. This fear that stopped me several times  to go get what I wanted.

For some, this is only the natural way of life, but for someone like me, it’s if as if I’m always struggling… Why? (you ask) Because everybody has their own map of destiny since they were born and we need to try to understand how to grab it and make our path easier.

Are you ready to find out what life has prepared for you?

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