Bazi, Bing Fire, Destiny

丙 Bing Fire

丙 BING FIRE is Yang Fire. It is like the SUN, majestic, generous, constant, routine driven, independent, superficial, lonely. It can warm us, give light, help trees and other plants grow, but too much heat can burn, it can kill.

As the sun, giving light day after day, bing fire people are generous, giving out some of their own being to the others, helping who needs and routine driven. They have to find their own routine and stick to it, not daring to get out of the comfort zone too much, as this must be highly stressful. The sun is lonely because there is no need to have two suns in the same galaxy. In the same way, Bing Fire people always feel lonely because they can’t stand another Bing Fire around as they must have all the attention of those next to them so they can shine, help and guide. But another one, would be a rival, would compete with them and this is not good. They will fight fiercely until only one remains.

About the sunlight, everybody loves the sun especially when we are going to the beach, traveling or just up rising our mood, but when it starts overheating, people will run away. This is the way how Bing Fire people put away the others and remain alone. However, the sun is too far from Earth and the sunlight can only shine superficially over the soil. Most Bing Fire people don’t look deeply and usually make decisions based on few information. They won’t stop to analyse others’s feelings or if something is right or wrong, they will keep their journey, day after day, like they are living in another world. Yes, indeed, Bing is not from this world. Among all the ten  stem, Bing is the only one which don’t need the resource element the be strenghtened.

Let’s find a Bing Fire Daymaster.

Steve Jobs (DOB Feb 24, 1955  07:15 PM)

Looking at his chart we can find DR revealed and rooted making him a good networker. He had the power to connect and to learn by observation, research and long thinking. His main profile is an artist, second profile is an analyzer and also a philosopher. By being an artist, he was capable to find resources, informations, data and by transforming them into a product that he could sell, he made money with it. Somehow, he only told the others what to do and never did by himself. This was because he didn’t know how to or just couldn’t do. Although he was a wise and resourceful person, he had a strong and rooted EG as a unfavourable element and this meant that there was a lot of dispute and argument is his life. It matches with the story of his life, a interesting story in fact.

He died on Oct 5th, 2011 (辛卯 Xin Mao year) in his 6th Luck Pillar (壬申 Ren Shen). 壬 water clashed 丙 day master and 庚 inside 申 also clashed 甲 inside 寅. Two important elements for him were hurt (F, IR). Furthermore the annual stem 辛 also clashed with 乙 (DR) and 卯 from the annual branch combined with 寅 and 辰 weakening 甲 inside 寅。All favourable elements in the chart were hurt, injured or clashed away. For him, that year was fatal!


Another Bing Fire Daymaster

Eddie Murphy (DOB April 3, 1961  01:30 PM)

As a Bing Fire Daymaster, Eddie likes to help those who need. Everything for him  is colored by emotion and he has difficulty to be rational or impartial . Looking at his natal chart, we can understand that he is a good learner by observation and transform this knowledge into information to make money. He has two DW revealed, meaning that women are always around and he is capable to be wealthy. These DW are sitting on the HO and DR leading him to be torn between a good performance as an actor/singer and an unstable relationships with women and money.  On the other side he has an unfavourable DR that represent gossips, bad reputation and unstable emotional well being.

His best period happened between his 19th and 38th and made him famous. By now he is going through a full bullying punishment period where money doesn’t show and life is not going smoothly.