Bazi, Destiny, Gui Water

癸 Gui Yin Water

When we talk about Gui Yin Water we will promtly think about dew drops or rain and even clouds. Water is one of the most important element in our life, it nurtures the plants, makes agriculture possible and moisturises us.
Since liquid and gaseous water has no form at all, Gui water people can easily change theirself in order to adapt to the enviroment and because they are always moving and changing form, they also become very unpredictable, changing their mood frequently.
As Yin water is not like a river or an ocean which are powerful and energetic, yin water people are gentle, careful, sensitive and peaceful until certain point. Water simbolyse wisdom and yin water people like to debate and win. They are also fond of new things, new ideas, new experiences and in some cases they can easily replace actual projects by the new ones, denoting an unstable character.

Elton John DOB March 25, 1947 02:00AM

His Bazi natal chart show us that he have strong EG/HO elements making him a great artist. His creativity is very strong and he has two Friend stars by his side representing good friends and fans.

Since he is a Weak DM, water and metal elements are favourable to him. In his 2nd and 3rd TaYun (ten years luck pillar) he had favourable resource elements that gave him chances to succeed. Although resources elements also represent knowledge, he drop out of school at age of 17 due to an incompability with his father who never agreed with his music career.

He switched his school to a scholl of music and in 1967 he get his first job as a song writer. Within the same pillar he manage to achieve the stardom at the year of Geng (DR) Xu (DO) 1970, a strong metal resource year supported by earth element.
In his 3rd TaYun also with water and metal elements, he won a music award gaining fame, reputation and money.
When unfavourable 7K element appeared in his 4th TaYun, 7K always clash with the daymaster and without resource elements to protect, the self easily gets hurt. This time he hurted himself by being addicted to drugs and needed an rehabilitation in 1990.
His 5th TaYun was a spendrifth pillar but he managed to overcome his last troublesome LP and with the songs that he created with a partner for the film “King Lion” he won a place in the “Hall of Fame” in Hollywood (1994 DR/DO).
Now he is in his 7th TaYun (DW/DR). He is having a hard time but a TaYun is about 10 years long and in between, with the help of resource element, he managed to continue to be a brilliant musician and I hope that he can keep offering us his creations in terms of great music.

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Reading Bazi is about finding in which team you are playing and if the players are stronger or weaker than the rival team.
Good things come in good times but when bad things arive, we should stay up right and find solutions or resolutions to overcome the problems. This is the real way to encounter happiness.


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