Why life is so hard for some?

There is a Bazi Master who used to qualify Bazi charts in four categories. He doesn’t accept requests from the first group because they are so angry about their miserable life that they won’t listen to any advice without insulting first. The last category encompasses all those who will not ask you for Bazi advice. Why? They are probably on the top of the world and don’t have time for that.

I’ve asked myself why some have a fantastic chart and others don’t. Why is life so unfair?

I found this and other questions about life very difficult to answer. So I spent the last three years (and I’m still searching) trying to understand. There must be an irrefutable reason why life is how it is. And I promised that I will share my results with you.

What I’m going to say next is a set of ideas I’ve collected and that make sense to me. That doesn’t mean that it makes sense to you. I’m just sharing and who knows, maybe opening a new horizon for many.

The first thing I found irrefutable is that inevitably there is something tremendously bigger than us. By bigger I mean mighty. For example: who made your heart start beating in the first place? How the entire universe was formed? Was this just by chance? I don’t think so.

The second one is debatable: why some people experience the so called “déjà vü”? I grew up in a place where everyone talked about past lives and the debts they owe certain people. I’m not sure, because in Catholicism they didn’t talk about reincarnation. But I found out that this word “reincarnation” was forbidden in the Bible at a time of history that I cannot tell. This provides the chance that several lives lived on earth is possible. In my research I found out more: several lives are possible and they can also happen simultaneously. It’s called parallel lives. This is because time doesn’t exist in the way we know it.

The third idea may not be universal but is the one that can fulfill all blanks in answers to my questions. I’m talking about karma. A very special someone told me the meaning of this tiny word, the word that can fill hundred of books with it. Karma is the emotion about a situation that we did not resolve and cry, in this or in the other lives we had before. So in this life we have the mission to loosen the knot or the knots of the past. This is a very profound matter as I said it can fill many books. To unfold this we really need time.

To summarize all this, I believe there is a God who has always lived in an absolute world where there is only Peace and Unconditional Love. Instead of God you can call it the Supernatural One or the Life. That doesn’t matter. In my point of view every religion was the way that was found to give us human beings the knowledge to go back home where we belong. At a given moment the Absolute or the One has split up in two creating the Dual Word, the world where we live. Yes, the world where life and death coexist, you might say. Instead I would say – where the beginning and the end coexist. This is because death is not the end of everything. It is the end of a cycle and the start of a new one where we should be more evolved. So life is a spiral that can up and down. Every time we want to go up we need to go down first in order to evolve. Evolve to what? Evolve to a Sentient Being. We human are much primitive in terms of evolution and yes, we can live in a different world where there is no need to communicate with words, where everyone knows each other’s thoughts and lies make no sense anymore. It is a world where no one will starve and everybody will work on what they know better in order to maintain the basic for everyone and create even more without unbalancing the resources. Is this a fantasy world? I truly believe that a world or places like this are possible. I must say that Jesus Christ was already an evolved being that embody as a mission to give us new instructions. It was in a different era. Nowadays, he will do this not in group but with each one of us in particular. How? Try to connect him with your heart and you will know.

Now is the moment to answer the very first question of this post. «Why life is so hard for some»?

If we believe that we have already lived several times and this world is a dual one then just like the two poles of an axis one life we come as an abusive person and the other one we come as a victim. All this happens to give us a chance to resolve these blocked emotions from the past.

But now there is a problem. How do we know what our blocked emotions are if we are born with the veil of oblivion? Let me explain. Before we reincarnate we already set up our entire life, choosing our parents and siblings, the place, the period of time, our friends, teachers, who we are and what kind of life that we will live. After that, we are born but forgetting everything that we set before so we can face situations that bring us emotions, the kind of emotions that will repeat if we don’t acknowledge them. Until one day we wake up with a huge situation. Maybe then we will take a real look of the message. Stop! The whole universe is talking to me.

“It was my choices in this and other lives that brought me here. So I need to learn to choose better!”

If I know that there are two poles in an axis and this life can be a “victim” one, the one thing I must know is that I have to balance the poles by accepting what I did in the past and what is happening to me now. Accept and let go. Let go of those emotions and try to live in a peaceful way of stillness.

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