Ten Gods

正印 Direct Resource

Direct Resource is the element that produces the Day Master with the opposite polarity. Among other things DR represents resource to the self, food, supply, vital elements that are needed. Wood needs Water, Fire needs Wood, Metal needs Earth, Earth needs Fire and Water needs Metal.  So for a weak DM, resources are very important for the survival.

In terms of people, DR represents mother to the males and grandfather or father-in-law to the females. Furthermore, DR also represents our health condition in general, our comfort level and emotional well being. But for most people the most important is that the DR represents intelligence and learning ability. A strong and healthy DR will allow us to be smarter than average or our learning skills is extraordinary. For example, Albert Einstein owned a Bazi chart with DR structure making him remarkable.*

There are more indicators of intelligence like the presence or not of Water in the natal chart or the Fire element accompanied by wood and, of course, the Intelligence Star of Shen Sha. I found that Resource star is more accurate beyond the three of them. Actually I also think that in certain circumstances, HO and EG are also important.

DR can also represent noble people in your life, giving you a helping hand when you are down or in troubles. People with resource mostly can find a way to solve their problems and when resource appears in the pillars of the teenager, school will not be a problem or even achieve good marks.

It is not a good sign if the resource element is clashed by the Luck, Year or Month Pillar. If this happens then the chances of health issues coming in our way are high. If DR is strong, healthy and well protected the outcome would not be so serious but if DR is weak and the clashing element is strong then for sure we will suffer some health issue. But what if there is no resource in the natal chart? Will we never be ill? The answer is no. Health problems will also come but we and the doctors will not be able to see or detect the disease so when it appears it will be unexpected and certainly can cause much stress. This all is because DR is favourable and the DM is weak.

If the DM is strong then we should be aware when DR become too strong and is not subdued by other elements like wealth and output. When it happens the DM will also be stronger, something that we want to avoid because this will cause imbalance of the energy inside the chart and internally will cause problems to the body. We need to keep this DR under control in order to enjoy good health.

DR produces F and clashes with HO. For those who HO is important, having strong unfavourable DR wouldn’t help. As I mentioned before, Output elements such as HO and EG represent children to the ladies and when DR shows up very strong the chances of failure in conception will be higher. It is important to take it in consideration. Beside, Output also represent reputation, creativity, fame and success to strong DM and by having strong DR one will find obstacles, setbacks, gossips, slanders and scandals in those periods. The remedy for this is the Friend star that plays an import role by avoiding the direct clash and turn it into reproduction cycle.

*Some examples of charts that show an intelligent owner:

  • Resource Structure
  • Fire with Wood as Resource
He also had the Intelligence Star at Day Branch



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Steve Jobs  (24 Fev 1955  07:15PM)

He has one of the 10 Intelligent Day Pillars


  • Fire with Wood as Resource

Garry Kasparov  (13 Apr 1963  11:45PM)

Yi DR in the Spring is very strong.






Judit Polgar  (23 Jul 1976)

She has defeated Garry Kasparov and    Anatoly Karpov







  • Resource Structure

Stephen Hawking  (8 Jan 1942  02:29AM)







  • Water element specially 壬water

Paul Allen  (21 Jan 1953)

Water in the winter is strongest.

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Even if you don’t have those stars, that doesn’t mean you are not intelligent. If you have those and you don’t feel much intelligent, do not despair. Remember: “Practice make perfect!”



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