Bazi, Destiny, Ding Fire

丁 Ding Yin Fire

Ding Fire is like a candle, a torch or a bonfire and it shines in the dark bringing brightness to its surroundings. It needs to sacrifice itself in order to enlighten others.

Ding fire people are born natural leaders because it changes all other elements (water vaporized, wood turned to ash, earth burned out, metal melted and it own self is formless). They are good teachers or coaches and they can bring the unseen to the light discovering other people’s hidden talents.

They are very considerate of others and will always take care of people around them putting their needs ahead of their own. They are also very devoted and loyal towards people who are close to them and have a good communication skill.

Ding Fire daymasters like to exercise their minds at intellectual games and exploring new experiences. However, they are also attention seekers and emotionally fragile.

Tom Hanks (DOB July 9, 1956  11:17AM)

Tom Hanks is a Ding Fire daymaster. His natal chart show us that he has the potential to be famous and wealthy. With two RW (robwealth star) revealed, representing friends and fans, the chance for him to be widely recognized is high, but RW also represents rivals and losing money. Hereupon, we can say that he seems to have spendthrift habits, a lots of rivals in his life but also many thousands of fans and at the right moment, he will become famous and wealthy. This happened in his 3th LP(luck pillar) starting at his 30s with strong and rooted HO making him a great and famous performer.

Now he is in his 60s and still accumulating wealth with the help of a strong IW (indirect wealth) LP.

Walt Disney (DOB Dec 5, 1901)

Walt Disney is also a Ding Fire daymaster and his chart is almost a perfect one. At the age of 7 he already drew very well and he made his first animation when he was 14. He was good at business, very creative and the wealth that he achieved, provided him fame and power.

Now, looking at his chart, he should be a “fake follower” and almost all his Luck Pillars  were favourable to him due to combinations in those less favourable periods, even if they couldn’t transform to his favourable elements, they still made a difference. He was skillful and intelligent since his early years, capable to make his own million and achieve fame one day.

During his first fifty years, he always saw wealth and output elements making him famous and wealthy. In his 6th LP there was a FanYin in his Month Pillar meaning a clash between two pillars (stems and branches). This LP stem also clashes with the daymaster. Although FanYin Month Pillar happens to everybody around the 60s, something more did happen on Dec 15, 1966 09:35AM. This is the time and date of his death, so what happened on that day?

His chart most afraid strong Fire plus Gui Water reveal. 1966 was a strong Fire year with Bing sat on Ding Fire. At the stem, Bing clashed with Geng and combined with Xin into water (DO/7K). Without DW/IW, EG started to attack DO in the same pillar, but this time, DO/7K became too strong, because at the branches Shen from the Day Pillar (Dec 15th) combined with the three Si and the two Zi and transformed into metal DO/7K. Further more, the two Zi also combined with Hai and Chou in two complete Directional formations transforming into metal DO/7K too induced by Gui Water at the LP stem. In term of pillars, we can see a pillar clash between LP and MP,  between 1966 and HP(Hour Pillar), a FuYin (the same pillar repeated) between Dec 1966 and HP, 09:35AM and DP(Day Pillar), a pillar combination between the day15’s pillar and DP and the 1966 pillar combines and harms the YP(Year Pillar) of the natal chart. He had his nine pillars all in clash or stress and combination situations, his Most Useful Gods were falling and there were at branches 7x combinations producing 7x DO/7K. Metal element was too strong that a weaker EG couldn’t control, leading to all this DO/7K attack the DM. In such a situation, DM has low chances of survival.

Walt Disney died under a “cardiac arrest due to a bronchogenic carcinoma”. He was tobacco addicted and never gave up smoking. It was a loss for everyone that loves his works.

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