Will Donald Trump be re-elected?

Many people wanted to know about Donald Trump’s luck in these US 2020 elections.

He is in fact a very controversial president with an incongruous speech but he is a lucky guy equipped with an uncommon Bazi natal chart.

Trump’s natal chart

At first glance his chart only has earth and fire and a weak and solitary wood. Since wood is weak in summer and surrounded by hostile elements, only with Yi yin wood as root this DM is easily become a Fake Follower. A Fake Follower chart can be analysed as a weak DM chart and weak DM likes companion and resource elements. With the chart full of them we are tempted to say that this is a really good chart, having four LPs starting at age 18 with the favourable elements revealed. However, among the Bazi masters, there are different opinions.

As I suggested in this blog, when we have doubt, we should match the relevant events in the past to find the best periods and their favourable elements.

 (*The data below was obtained through en.wikipedia.org/wiki)

1968 Receive a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School

1971 Took charge of his family’s real-estate business and renamed it The Trump Organization

90’s Struggling with debts and bankruptcy

2003-2015 Produced and hosted The Apprentice NBC

2004 Co-founded a company called Trump University and was sued due to frauds in 2013

2007 Receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work as producer of Miss Universe

2016 Entered the presidential race as a Republican, defeated 16 other candidates in the primaries and won the elections becoming the 45th president of the United States

2019 Impeachment by the House of Representatives

Trump’s Ten Years Luck Cycle

In 1968 (2nd LP) he graduated in economics. Bing DR/Shen HO, they are scholastic and performing stars.

90’s Struggling with debts. The 4th LP with Wu RW/Xu RW, a strong RW pillar for a weak DM should be a good period but it is filled with bankruptcies and debts that last until the late 90s.

2003-2015 Produced and hosted The Apprentice NBC (6th & 7th LP). The Output stars EG & HO appeared in this two pillar sitting on IW & F stars (wealth stars). He reached much more fame through the TV show and earned good money.

2013 Sued due to frauds. The LP before 2013 was the 6th LP where Geng HO clashed with Jia DO at month stem. As we know, this will mostly cause havoc. He co-founded a company with an illegal name Trump University in 2004 where the students and consumers were defrauded leading to three court cases. He agreed to pay a total of $25 million to settle those cases.

2016 Presidential race. Starting from 2015, with 7K at the annual pillar meaning changes, courage, go-get-it attitude, he ran for president. The 7th LP is Xin EG/Chou F where Xin combines with Bing DR from the year stem inside the chart and 2016 annual stem producing water even can’t transform. This water will further enhance the wood DO at month stem. It’s time to fight for authority and against all odds, he won the elections.

After all these matching, we can conclude that this should be a strong DM. It’s due to a combination between the hour, day and month branches leading to a weaker earth (F) at month branch unable to induce the stem combination between JI F & Jia DO. DO remains in the chart and DM will not follow.

Even without this information, just looking at this year, 2020 is Geng HO/Zi IW year, another DO-HO clash and a whole pillar clash will take place. Yes, there is a Fan Yin between annual pillar Geng Zi and month pillar Jia Wu. This is a tough year and the day scheduled for the elections is Nov 3rd Bing Xu month and Geng Xu day, another HO-DO clash and Fu Yin the year pillar. Will Donald Trump be re-elected? It will depend on the opponent.