Bazi chart

How do you react to your own chart?

Most of us that look for our Bazi chart certainly have in mind that there should be good things and other less good things. But how do we really face them? Some of us only want to know when will the first million bucks come or if the spouse is lovely or good to us. Others are concern about whether they can achieve success in the career.

But, what about the reality? If the chart shows us some bad times or obstacles through the whole 10 years luck pillar?

Can we accept? Do we believe in those unhappy situations? How can we deal with a disease or that someone that we love will fall ill?

The common reaction is fear, revolt and rejection. 

Over reacting will lead us to sadness, depression or even desperation.

All of these are normal reactions for a human being. But a chart reading should be a process to help us make better choices in life or to be aware of problems in advance, given us a chance to build a strategy to face them.

However, the most important thing to do is to accept. Accepting our destiny is the first step to go further, to move on, to open our eyes, to circumvent an obstacle or simply to take advantage of it. The information we get from a chart reading are like ingredients to cook a dish, the rules to play a game or the obstacles of a challenging course that we must overcome. Is indeed a powerful information that we should use to smooth our path and not to take us down. Don’t let it happen.

And of course, there is another way. Some masters talk about ascending our chart. It is like being some centimetres above our problems and they will not affect us. Although this is a good idea, they are not sure if someone in this world can really achieve that.

So, once more time, don’t let the less good information take you down. You can be sad and also cry but after that, you should find a way to accept and overcome this.