The Earthly Branches in a Bazi chart can have relationships between each other as it was mentioned in the previous posts. Besides all those formations and combinations, there is another formation, the Destruction.

Destructions happen when two particular branches are side-by-side in the natal chart or when it arrives through the Luck or Annual pillar. The outcome is a feeling like someone is trapped in a situation that leaves no choices causing damaging consequences in the future.


This is a representation of the 6 possible formations and they lead to different situations in life.

子Rat <-> 酉Rooster Destruction

It is typically related to excessive abuse behaviour. It can be alcohol, drugs, entertainments and so on. As Rat and Rooster are both Peach Blossom stars, this formation will mostly involve emotions and relationships. It is not difficult to imagine the outcomes due to those behaviours such as accidents due to drunk driving, health problems due to excess of alcohol (liver), problems in marriage due to multiple relationships and many others.

午Horse <-> 卯Rabbit Destruction

When this formation happens, one will suffer with the feeling of the past coming to chase him/her. It’s just a feeling, a sense of being ashamed of something happened in the past that now is becoming a subject people can judge. In other words, they can’t overcome their own inferiority complex and the reactions can be very negative.

辰Dragon <-> 丑Ox Destruction

This formation brings an unsettling sensation with the place one is living or working, feeling unhappy and this can cause negative changes in the behaviours such as being aggressive or too stressed.

戌Dog <-> 未Goat Destruction

These two branches, as Dragon and Ox, are also Earth Branches, so the outcome will be mostly related to places, your workplace or your home place. There is something causing you stress or unhappiness. 

申Monkey <-> 巳Snake Destruction

This is a special Destruction formation as Monkey and Snake also perform a Combination, transforming/producing Water element. The outcome of this formation is like something ending in order to star something new. It is about changing behaviour and can be good or bad, depending on the element, if it is favourable or not to the Day Master.

寅Tiger <-> 亥Boar Destruction

This is also a special Destruction formation as Tiger and Boar are also combining with the Wood as the transforming element. If this Wood element is favourable  then the behaviour changing will have a positive influence to the Day Master.

As the branches must be side-by-side, Destruction formation happens between two adjacent pillars in the natal chart. This can allow us to know the period when it will happen in one’s life.

Before 35
During Marriage
Once a person have children or Old Age

When Destructions appear in the natal chart, it will cause constant dissatisfaction to the owner.