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Yi Wood

乙YI WOOD is Yin wood, like flower, grass, ivy. They denote softness and flexibility to find a way to survive and grow. Among the ten main elements, Yi Wood is the only one that need its own friend’s (RW) support (Jia wood), be it to climb to achieve the sunlight, or to protect from the strong heat.

Yi wood people are the strategical kind who can find a way to reach the sunlight no matter how is the environment. Being good at using and leveraging people, they need to be connected, by attracting others in some way. They are fragile and so are their emotions. They can easily change their mind and get angry. Sometimes they get so impulsive in making decisions that they do it in a wrong way.

As a flower, Yi Wood people are usually handsome or beautiful, always seeking attention and they might be insecure if they don’t get it.

Let’s find some 乙Yi wood Day Masters:

Madonna was born on August 16, 1958 at Dragon hour.

As a Yi Wood daymaster she is extremely sensitive, ambitious and determined on doing things well until the goals are achieved, overcoming any obstacles on the way. Some can take it as stubbornness. One of the reason of her success is her intuition, knowing in advance what others want and getting into a complicity.

Looking to her chart we can find two DO competing to combine with her. This can mean that there are always two guys fighting for her, as DO represents among other things, husband, boss, clients. Unfortunately, in this situation almost always end up in losing both. In terms of spouse, it seems to be true. She is raising alone her 4 adopted children. Don’t bother anyway, they (guys) are always around her!

Yi Wood DM sit on IW(indirect wealth). She seems to get skills in business. She was claimed by Forbes as the first female richest musician. Her chart’s stems and main Qi only got DO,DW and IW. When the right Luck Pillars come, she will be wealthy and successful with power. But she is a singer, performer and actress, without HO/EG Output element which represent artistic skills, how come is she so successful? When someone has a chart like hers, where there are only two type of elements, they are strong and favourable to her (since she is a 从 DM) and one produce and protect the other, we can conclude that she has the conditions to be successful (at the right time), no matter the area chosen. She got the strength to make it happen.

Now, let’s take a careful look at her natal chart. She has 1 EG (in storage) under 戌 and revealed at her 23 and 33 LP making her famous, wealthy and powerful. At 43LP, friend star transformed into power, her fans and her wealth are given her more power.

What about the current pillar? This is a strong RW (Robwealth) pillar and she is facing a 反吟(FanYin) into her month pillar. This means a entire pillar clash. Beside the possibility of spending a lot of money, she will be facing a demanding period with her authority in challenge. Remember, she is a Yin Wood DM, she will find a way out.

Another Yi Wood Day Master

She is our well-known Princess Diana. Born on July 1th 1961, she was also a Yi Wood Day Master.

Yi wood sit on favourable IW, her husband brought her wealth even if she was able to make it on her own. She got 4 wealth stars at the branches, and even they are transformed, the resulted element is EG which will produce wealth element.

At the stems we can find HO rooted at month branch EG, so it’s strong. It means that she was an intelligent woman who reached fame one day. She also got Peach Blossom star, the reason why so many people loved her even without knowing her personally. 7K star gave her the courage to do what she believed and to fight for her own happiness. But this 7K represents her boyfriend or husband, since there is no DO in her chart. In her case, husband star is not so strong and is far from her (DM), futher more she got loneliness luck too. Everything is against her as far as love relations are concerned.

At branches she got three animal signs in which the main-Qi are all of earth element representing wealth to her. Unfortunately, these three animal signs also belong to a punishment formation, called Bullying Punishment. This kind of formation refers to a situation where she was helpless, unable to do anything to defend herself. The year she died (1997 丁丑- fourth Luck Pillar戊戌) this punishment was triggered two times. Punishment doesn’t always lead to extreme situations, but in her case, it was fatal.


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