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DO 7K & Relationships

Many readers have questions about the interpretation of DO/7K in a Bazi chart when reading relationships. This is the right time, I think, to post something about this subject. For gentleman the spouse element is Wealth, so this time the post is for the ladies. Hope you guys don’t mind.

If you are not thinking about marriage then DO/7K is also related to authority, courage, job, career, bosses and customers. You can find more details by reading the posts related to these two Ten Gods.

On the other side, if you find relationships with your spouse or boyfriend important then you will want to see DO/7K in your Bazi chart. Is it important to have the two in the same chart? The answer is no. It’s better to have only one of them. Can you imagine having a husband and a boyfriend at the same time? Big confusion, right? 7K refers to boyfriend and when DO is absent, it works as spouse star too. If there are more than one 7K in the chart, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have many boyfriends but we don’t like to see too many of them because it will unbalance the chart and make you a more aggressive people. Many charts have 3 or more 7K and this will transform in arguments with people around especially if they are next to the DM. Furthermore the chance to have many boyfriends and can’t stick to any of them is high.

The quality of this 7K is also important. It’s more pleasant to have a favourable, strong and healthy 7K but if it is weak or clashed and you are not sure about the strength of the DM, don’t panic. If 7K appears at stem without roots (or very weak roots) and there is no EG around, you can still find your mister right but it may not last. The good side of knowing it is the choices that you can make, like putting some effort to maintain the relationship.

The location inside the chart is also important. If it is too far, it will be hard to access, like you can only see but not touch. The best location is next to the DM at stems, at day branch or even month branch.  If 7K doesn’t appear at stem but only at branches, Main-Qi is better than Sub-Qi. Sometimes the Sub-Qi is in storage and not in graveyard, it is still good. If the season supports it, better. In my opinion, spouse element is better hidden at branches and far away from rivals’ eyes so is easier to keep. If 7K appears at month stem and F at year stem, you need to be aware. You may need to fight for your boyfriend. No peace!

In case 7K is combined and able to transform or clashed by EG the chance of a relationship is lower or more challenging. What about no 7K at all in the chart? It’s still possible if 7K appears through LP/AP/MP. It should be strong, appear more than once or supported by wealth element.

When 7K is used as spouse star because DO is absent, you can analyse the two charts together to get more information.

If you have a strong and healthy DO and a very weak and hidden 7K, it should be OK. If DO is far from 7K, it can refers to different relationships in different lifetime. Here with DO we don’t like to see HO around or coming with LP/AP. It will clash and bring problems.

Beside the quality of DO/7K you need to analyse the spouse palace. What is in the day branch? Every element is important. They show the way your spouse is affecting you. For example, if your DM is sit on DR and this DR is favourable to you, it means that your spouse is a resource to you or will support you. If there are three elements (Main and Sub Qi) and they produce each other and finally produce DO, it can be very good. If DM is sit on HO or EG the chances of having a less supporting spouse are high. What we don’t like to see is F inside the spouse palace. A Friend is a rival and when sitting in day branch it can bring the third part in a marriage. The best way to deal with it is not being jealous all the time. You need to keep your spouse close to you and arguing is not a solution.  Do your best to make sure that you are always the best choice.

Like 7K if you can’t find DO in your chart, you can look for it in the LP/AP.

This chart belongs to a lady that until age 42 couldn’t find the mister right. She didn’t have a boyfriend either. In her mind, she will be the aunt forever due to a health problem.

Her chart has no DO/7K unless at hour pillar and there is no sign of them during the first three LP. No one in her life!

One day she met a man with her age in a friend’s party. She started dating him and four months later she got pregnant. It was a miracle due to her health condition (she couldn’t conceive). They decided to get married two months later.

During 2014 in the 36 LP her DO appears twice at stem and supported by IW at 36LP and DO at Month branch inside the natal chart, her spouse star became very strong. She met her spouse and got married in the same year (2014). Her son was born in the following year. Is there a sign of it? Yes. In 2015, Yi wood combined with Geng metal (month stem) and is able to transform into HO (metal). HO refers to a son for ladies.

She did what she thought was impossible.