Ten Gods

劫(财) RobWealth

RW is one of the 10 Gods, with the same element as the Day Master but with the opposite polarity. Being a Friend star, RW in the natal chart denotes a strong networking capacity. People with dominant RW should work in a large organization where they can build relationships with others, because they have the skill to use it to ask for help when they need it.

Usually people with strong RW are seductive, charismatic and persuasive. Those are the skills to convince. That is why they are good in the commercial field as selling. They can also be very competitive.

On the other side RW means spendthrift habits or difficulty to keep money. When it is favourable, healthy and strong enough in a chart, denotes capacity to make money but not to save. Being that, RW is a 10 God that should appear but not be too strong. When it become too strong, one can have spendthrift tendency or even fall into the temptation of gambling and risky investments.

When an element become too weak or too strong within the period of a Luck Pillar (10 years cycle), the negative characteristics of the related 10 God will manifest more frequently or show more evident. One should be aware of those changes.

Related to people, RW represents our siblings or friends of the opposite sex, our rivals but also our partner.

A partner is someone who will help me gain profits and do part of my work, share my concerns and responsibilities, but I also need to share  the profits.

A rival can compete with me for a girlfriend,  opportunities, victories and so on…

If the RW is located at the HP (hour pillar of the chart), it probably means that  we must spend more money with children for any reason.

If it is located at the spouse palace, chances are money is spent to help the spouse or the owner of the chart have less affinity to get married.

With RW located at month pillar, it will be more difficult to keep the money.

When RW appears at year pillar, one will be good at managing money. But being far from the Day Master, it will become less usable.

For Weak DMs RW being a friend star is favourable and is their wealth star. It just needs to be protected by resource elements to become strong enough to enhance the DM and control the wealth element.

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