Ten Gods

比(肩) Friend

比 Friend star is the Ten God with the same element and polarity then the Day Master.

A friend is someone that can help us, support us, lend a shoulder to lean on, and who we can count on. But this friend probably knows us well and also shares the good and the bad things in our life. This means that is possible to compete with us or even try to replace us.

For some Day Masters, friends are good to have. Day Masters like 乙Yi Wood, as flower generally needs company, 戊Wu Earth, Ji Earth, as mountains and sand/soil are the bigger the stronger, Ren Water and Gui Water, as water is also stronger in a huge amount like rivers, waterfalls or oceans.

But for the others like Bing Fire and Jia Wood Day Masters, since Bing represent the sun, another sun will rob his brilliance and Jia as a tree wouldn’t like another tree to compete for the soil, the water, the nutrients and the sunlight, especially if the other tree is taller.

However, it is important to remember that Friend is only really important for weak Day Masters, as it will increase his strength.

If there are HO/EG in the natal chart, friend star can be used to produce them, otherwise it is not a good companion for a strong Day Master.

F star represents our friends and siblings of the same gender, our fans or even other people like us. For a weak DM it will enhance the strength to control the wealth element. So it also represents wealth for the DM.

When F star is strong and rooted, the Day Master is usually a “do-it-yourself” type, with strong will power, with great inner strength and also very independent, self assured, with no complexes.

If the F star is weak and also not rooted, the Day Master can denote poor social skills, can be very narcissist, stubborn with an inflexible thinking and deeply unsecure.

Now let’s try to understand how F star will influence one’s chart. If the DM is weak, then F is favourable and if we can find them at the chart, revealed and rooted, it means that friendship is very important and useful to the DM. Friends will be around and will let a hand when the DM needs. If the F stars are weak, not rooted or not revealed, it means that the DM will have a hard time to find helpful people and most of the time, will feel lost. If there are resource elements that can support the F, DM will be more protected and in terms of wealth, the more protected the DM is, the wealthier the DM can be.

For those who are strong DM, a strong F star can represent rivals, harmful friends, loss of money, unavoidable expenses, downturn of success, of fame or of recognition, and in some cases, illness. A strong DM is already strong and don’t really need more support, so it is important to maintain the F star as weak as possible. When this F star become too strong either by the numbers of F stars presents or by the enhancement from the resource elements, the DM can fall ill and mostly is related to its element (wood, fire,…) and can be serious. (More about elements and diseases)

What about a strong DM sit on F and with Companion stars revealed in the natal chart? Be it F or RW, they are Companion stars and when they are not favourable and not usable, friends will still be one of most important matter in this DM’s life. Because they are always around and seem to be important, they can exert a big influence but actually they can ruin the DM life. Once I met a little friend who was fond to be with his friends. Each time the phone rang and a friend asked for a favour, he didn’t think twice and would always lend a hand even if it harms. From his parents point of view, it was very worrisome.


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