Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom Star 桃花

Salty Pool, Inner Peach Blossom and Red Matchmaker. These are some of the names of stars in Bazi, related to love, romantic emotions, sexual desires, attractiveness, relationships and also talents, intelligence and good appearance.

Somehow they are confusing and people without these stars can also manifest those characteristics.

So, how to distinguish them?

Basically, Peach Blossom can bring you attractiveness, making you irresistible to people around you and most important, they may never know why. Rationally talking, they may not like you but even so they feel attracted to you. In some situations it can be a good thing, especially when you need to sell products or projects to clients or you want good relationships with your colleagues or bosses. But there is also a dark side of this star. It can bring uncontrolled sexual desires, dangerous and obsessive relationships, issues with the spouse or boyfriend due to jealousy, too many pretenders, etc. How serious it can be, will depend on the strength of the stars, how many of them in the natal chart and if there are combinations with another pillars.

To distinguish them is to use them properly. When we are talking about Peach Blossom, we are referring to stars that belong to the group of Auxiliary Stars in Bazi.

Salty Pool 咸池

In the ancient times of China, there were four beautiful women that have really caught the attention of their emperor or emperors of other kingdoms. They all had wretched lives. There is also a saying: 红颜多薄名, meaning “beautiful women usually have miserable lives”.

These four beautiful women are represented as yin deities (Yin stand for woman) in a legend where they take bath naked in a pool. This pool is called Salty Pool and salty have a connotation of sexual. The four deities are represented by the four cardinal elements (or astrological animal sign) 子卯午酉 and they attract the elements of the next Season Directional Combination.

If your animal sign belongs to Ox (Ex: born in 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009) your Peach Blossom Salty Pool is Horse, meaning that you will feel attracted by Horse born people. This can also happen if Horse appears in the other pillars of their Bazi natal chart but the strength is lower. There are also masters that use Day Branch and Year Branch as DB is the Spouse Palace.

This kind of Peach Blossom is good to have at the Year or Month Branch of one’s chart representing love in a relationship or marriage. If it is found at Day or Hour Branch the influence will not be so good.  If there are too much, let’s say more than two Salty Pool stars, it will often cause problems as great attractions bring great troubles. This is why Salty Pool is related to “one-night-stand” relationships or extra marital affairs.

子卯午酉 each of them has different form of attraction

子Rat that appears in a chart will give the person ability to be what others like or dream about. They are able to probe your desires by listening carefully and then becoming the person you need. You can say that they don’t exist in reality, only in your mind. Until you realize this, you will refuse to believe it. It is important to keep in mind that when you need them, they will simply fade away and it can be frustrating.

卯 Rabbit PB people are outstanding in networking, establishing relationships and making you take care of them by sending some secret messages that they need you. You feel this attraction and want to do everything, and I mean everything, just to protect them. Rabbit has another connotation, it symbolize sex appeal. “Play Boy” uses rabbit as a symbol.

If 子Rat and 卯 Rabbit appear together in a chart, they form the Uncivilized Punishment and if you have them you may need to be aware of the attention that you will attract because they can lead to some uncomfortable problems. If you only have one of them, be cautious when another one appears in the Luck/Annual/Monthly/Daily Pillars.

午Horse in a chart will mostly attract people with Ox, Rooster and Snake. People with Horse can emanate some energy of danger but also the desire of adventure. They seem to appear and disappear and in a relationship it can give you some uncertainty and insecurity. They are dreamers and you will never know where they want to be or go and when they come back. The best way of keeping them is to go together, put your life behind and start a new journey of adventure.

酉 Rooster in the natal chart also give the owner an irresistible attraction. But they know that somehow and use it for their own advantage controlling all the process. In a relationship, they also take control, even when they seem to be the weak part. It’s like a strategy. Roosters attract mostly Rat, Monkey and Dragon but when they focus on someone, this is the less important.

Inner Peach Blossom

This is also a Peach Blossom star but is more personal. It is related to your Day Master (or Day Stem) of your Bazi natal chart and is a positive star. Its influence falls on long term relationships or marriages.

To find your Inner Peach Blossom star you need to know your Day Master, so you need to plot your Bazi chart. It can be done by using Bazi chart calculator.

If you can’t find Peach Blossom stars in your chart, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find your another half. Perhaps you are not attractive for most of people but you only need one, the right one!

Red Matchmaker红鸞

This star is all about love, to fall in love with. People can be madly in love with someone, even if it turns out in suffering and sorrow but it doesn’t mean that he/she is the right one or that marriage is a smooth path. People just fall in love. However it is a starting point for many.

How to find your Red Matchmaker star

This year of 2019 Boar, the Red Matchmaker is Dragon and everybody with Dragon in the natal chart has more chances to fall in love.

What about if you find this star inside your natal chart? It means you will probably get married one day but it will not tell you the quality of this relationship or marriage. Analysing the whole chart, the spouse palace and the quality of the spouse star can give you more clues.