Bazi, Destiny, Geng Metal

庚Geng Yang Metal

Geng metal is like a sword or an axe. It’s often associated with a tough and hard life. Ding fire is required here to achieve greatness.

Geng people are strong and can handle large amount of pressure. Through hard training they can become a useful tool but when they have an easy going early life, they can become extremely spoiled and lazy, with very low self-esteem.

Yang metal people are one of the rare elements who actually enjoy pressure and challenges, as this is their natural state.

Let’s find someone with those characteristics.


Margaret Thatcher DOB Oct 13, 1925 (09:00AM)

She was known as “Iron Lady” governing U.K. in a tough way. Can her Bazi chart tell us something about that?


The answer is YES!

She was a Geng Metal Day Master sitting on Ding Fire. Fire can soften strong metal making it maneuverable to forge useful and sharp weapons. Her chart is full of fire that represents DO/7K to her, meaning power, influence, courage and toughness. Power forged her strong personality and tough manners.

As a Yang Metal Day Master, she didn’t have interest in details or believe in perfecting something. Because of this, she was prone to make mistakes.

By picking some important events, we have a period of a good luck in her scholarship. This happened at about her two resource 10 years pillars. She earned a degree in chemistry in 1947 and started working on research. In 1952 she studied law. Since she was a Weak Day Master, resource elements were favourable and important to her scholarship and further, for her success in politics (1961 she become the secretary of state for education and science and in 1970 as minister for education). Her 4th 10 years LP was 庚Geng寅 Yin, Friend element sit on Indirect Wealth. So, where did her Power or Influence came from? It came from a full assembly combination within 午戌寅 in the branches,able to transform into DO/7K elements. This gave her power.


1979 is the year she became the first female Prime Minister ever. This was in her 5th LP with 辛Xin 卯Mao. This 卯Mao also combined with 戌Xu transforming into DO/7K. 1979 was a 己Ji未Wei year which is a DR sit on DR year. For Weak Day Masters, it is important to have DR/IR to protect the Self from the attacks of 7K. But in 1979, strong DR/DR made her 7K turn favourable. The Conservative Party won the elections and she became the first female Prime Minister for 10 years.

In 1984 there was an assassination attempt against her. What went wrong?

Generally speaking, everybody will go through a pillar when there is always a Month Pillar FanYin (LP clash with MP). It is the 6th LP. The Bing 7K at MP stem clashed with Ren EG at LP stem. At the branches there was an earth clash, not too serious but able to shake her ground.

1984 was 甲子year, IW supported by HO. This strong IW was an unfavourable element that caused the reversed attack to the DM by 7K. 7K will clash the DM if there was no DR/IR’s protection. The earth clash referred above hurt the two DR and IR. Furthermore, 辰 evolved in Destruction formation with 丑 at the year branch of the natal chart. Her useful god fell or was weakened a lot. Problems were on the way.

 She resigned in 1990, a year of FuYin on her Day Pillar, meaning problems. There was a lot of stress and her own Party was against her. There was no way out unless to give up.

Her 9th LP was 乙未. 乙 combined with the Self and transformed into metal. But at the branch, 未 evolved in a total six formation (full seasonal assembly transforming into DO/7K; combination with 午 producing more DO/7K; clash with 丑 DR; destruction with 戌 IR and finally but not less important, a full Bullying Punishment with 戌 and 丑). If we recap, Princess Diana also died under the same punishment. That doesn’t mean that one will not overcome this punishment but within all these formations the scenario wasn’t so good for her. Actually she died in the beginning of this LP.

…   …   …          …   …   …

Knowing our destiny is not something we should be afraid of. It should be a tool that we can use to anticipate and to be aware of some events so we can take action or at least to be prepared.

For some, this is an invaluable tool to help others understand why things happen to them and how to avoid or to face those challenges.


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