Bazi chart

My chart is full off…

When people say that their chart is full of a particular 10 God, we should always look at the chart. Should every element that appears in the chart be count at the same way? The answer is no.

First. The sub-qi 10gods only count as one stem if they appear three times hidden (sub-qi) in the branches.

Second. Be aware about combinations and transformations. They can “add” or “combine away” some elements. Even the chart maintains unchanged but energy will be different.

Third. The strength of the element also dictates its importance inside the chart.

So, everything should be taken into account, any clash and combination. The chart has its own flow of energy and we must see it in this way. Any subtle change can modify the whole energy of the chart. That is why every day is different. Each day or even each hour has its own pillar and the elements that are involved as well as clashes, combinations, and transformations.

It is not that easy to say that someone’s life is full of tragedies when we see 4,5,6 or even more 7K or RW in the natal chart. This is only the beginning. Unless the little baby can’t resist at birth (it happens, the chart of that moment can be so tough) the infinite hypotheses do exist.

Fourth. Every 10gods has its own meaning for different people. If my chart is very weak and I find a high number of RW in a particular period of my lifetime, this can also mean chances that I have to encounter several partners and friends that can help me to overcome my obstacles. After that they will leave and another element can show up and so on.

Fifth. If one element is missing in the chart it means that this element is not useful in that context. On the other side, if it happens it can also mean that you don’t need it or you must learn to live without that. Anyway, the chart will always have 4 stems and 4 branches, so in place of those missing elements we have another and that is what you should focus on. Furthermore, you should also focus on the luck pillar and the year pillar. They can bring those missing elements and it is important to know how they will affect your chart.

Anyone that have this kind of chart, please share with us. It will be a good practice for all using a real chart.

In the meantime, I can share an interesting chart.

The year stem is missing just to protect the identity of the owner.

All his four branches are Rat and he has a weak DM chart (apparently). His DW are not favourable to him and this could mean huge money problems.

But if we include the year stem and analyse the chart carefully, we will notice that this DM is not weak but a fake follower instead so the whole picture changed. For a fake followerDM the DW are very favourable although they are not protrude (doesn’t appear at stem), there is a chance for great money when the right pillars appear.

Another example:

This is a chart that seems to be full of IR. These IR should be unfavourable to a strong DM but all three Goats will combine with the Rabbit at the year branch and through the Hour Stem the combinations are able to transform into IW. The IR at stem become lonely and lost it roots. In this situation the DM changed to fake Extreme. It happens yet again, the whole picture changed. Now the new produced IW and the two IW already existent in the chart turned favourable to the DM. In the real life this DM has received several inheritances and still has the chance to receive more as the time goes by.

Unfortunately this chart is very unbalanced all elements are yin and doesn’t have DW and RW (in small quantity), elements that help earn and keep the money and assets. The inherited properties remain in the family and are not supposed to be sold in order to make money. Even though money is not short and life can still be ok.

Here upon, having too much of a particular element will unbalance the chart but by itself it doesn’t necessarily mean a disaster.

If we are talking about DO/7K for a lady the impact to the relationships can be more visible.

For F (friend star) it can mean that the person value friendships very much (or too much).

The chart full of RW for a strong DM can bring spendthrift habits. Even for weak DM, its better to have only few RW in the natal chart.

Anyway, the most important thing is to analyze every chart as a single and unique chart. The natal chart itself only reveals the chances that you have in life. The ten years LP will reveal if a particular event or situation will have the possibilities to take place in this lifetime. If you are going through a favourable LP (10 years of this particular LP), then the annual pillar (AP) will tell you when is the most likely moment.

For those who found missing elements in the natal chart, it is the moment to learn to live without them or you can search them in your LPs between 20’s and 60’s, the most active periods. Don’t forget, Bazi reading is not static, every minute, hour or month can change and bring possibilities, the infinite possibilities that Quantum Physics mentions.