Ten Gods

正财 Direct Wealth

Direct Wealth is the element controlled by the Day Master with the opposite polarity. To find out your own wealth element you can check here. This is the most coveted element in a Bazi natal chart since everybody dreams of being rich but having many of DW in a natal chart does not necessarily mean that we are going to be very rich.

In fact, this is a very interesting element. Let’s talk about strong Day Masters first. For this group, having DW in a natal chart especially at the stems is a very auspicious sign and even better if they are rooted, protected and not harmed or combined. Sometimes we see DW but there are also RW, DR, IR around and this will weaken the DW strength. For a good DW to show its auspiciousness, it needs protection, elements that protect DW from attacks and further enhancing it. I am referring the output elements. If you can’t find the DW in your chart, do not despair. You can still find it over the ten year luck pillars. However, if it doesn’t appear or it is very weak, then the chance of you becoming rich can be compromised.

For the weak Day Masters, there is another story! Since the DM is weak, it is hard to control the wealth element and money can turn out a problem, being it over spending or making irresponsible investments. Well, you might think that it is better not to have DW at stem since F/RW would clash with it. Indeed. It will be preferred to have some hidden wealth instead of strong and rooted DW in order to be controlled by the DM. When pillars with friend or resource elements appear, the strength of the DM will increase. The stronger they are the bigger the wealth luck will be.

Besides the basic meaning of wealth, we shouldn’t forget that DW also represents wife or spouse for the male DM and father for the female DM. In the ancient China, having money is a condition to have a spouse or even more than one. Women usually stay at home taking care of the children and the elderly. It is up to men getting enough money to support the whole family. For the unmarried women that stay with the family, money comes from their father.

From the quality of the DW we can understand the relationships between spouses or father and daughter. A good quality DW also gives a sense of responsibility and accountability to the owner. The high capacity for managing money doesn’t mean that one will reach wealth. It is possible that you are only good in making money for your boss!

Let’s pick some examples.


This is a strong DM’s natal chart and there are not DW sitting at stems. Instead, there are two unfavourable RW plus one from the combination between 己 and甲. As you can review all the meanings of the RW in this post 劫财 Rob Wealth, you might ask if this person will be rich one day. Indeed he is already very rich and he is only in his 30s. How? Remember, the natal chart tell us our potential but it’s the ten years luck pillars that dictate if something will happen or not and when.

Now, let’s see his luck pillars.


His first 6 luck pillars are favourable to him, even the 7th pillar he still have DW. Now he is in his 3th LP, 壬(IW) sits on 申(EG) and with 壬 to induce, 申-巳 can combine and transform into wealth element, this strong wealth pillar is very profitable for him. Can you find out who is he?



This is another billionaire’s chart. It is considered Vibrant or Extreme chart by some and Fake Extreme by others. By the end, this is a weak DM’s chart and a very good chart indeed.

His wealth element is his Friend star and as you can see is very strong, rooted and well protected but he still needs good LP to make this wealth possible and true.


Here you can understand why he is wealthy. His first 5 LP made it possible. He was born in a wealthy family and managed to hold his empire till today.


By now you should be able to determine your potential to be rich, when will it happen and if this period will last or not.




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