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Conception & “Boy or Girl?”

When the time comes to think about conceiving, many questions may crop up. Is there any health barrier? Will the energies of the universe be gathering against? If not, then when will be the best or right time to happen?

For a lady, children star is represented by HO/EG and the best place to show up in a Bazi chart is at the Hour Pillar. It is preferable to have no clashes or combinations weakening this star and they must also not fall in to DE. DR/IR will clash over HO/EG, but depending on the element of these stars the outcome will be different. The fierce clashes are between fire and water or metal and wood. The others clashes are less severe.

One different situation is when a strong children star clash into hour pillar. If it is strong enough to handle the hit, the chances of conceiving are there (childbearing age).

If HO/EG is combined and transformed into another element, the strength will decrease. In this case, we have to wait until the elements of a particular LP or AP come in to enhance, support or produce the children stars.

Let’s say that there are no children stars in the natal chart. Whether a combination produces, or better yet, transforms into EG/HO, the chance of conceive is also there.

*When looking in a gentleman’s chart finding children stars, we should seek for DO/7K instead of EG/HO.

Now a days, people have less support from their parents to raise their children and the responsibilities will largely fall on the couple. Knowing how the father’s relationship with the children is can give us an idea of the type of support one can enjoy.

Now I’m going to reference the same case study used at the post “DO,7K & Relationships”. Unfortunately the hour of birth is unknown but the chart shows us the core information.

This chart belongs to a lady that until age 42 couldn’t find the mister right. She didn’t have a boyfriend either. In her mind, she will be the aunt forever due to a health problem.

Her chart has no 7K/DO unless at the Hour Pillar and there is no sign of them during the first three LP. No one in her life!

One day she met a man with her age in a friend’s party. She started dating him and four months later she got pregnant. It was a miracle due to her health condition (she couldn’t conceive). They decided to get married two months later.

During 2014 in the 36 LP her DO appears twice at stem and supported by IW at 36LP and DO at Month branch inside the natal chart, her spouse star became very strong. She met her spouse and got married in the same year (2014). Her son was born in the following year. Is there a sign of it? Yes. In 2015, Yi wood combined with Geng metal (month stem) and is able to transform into HO (metal). HO refers to a son for ladies.

She did what she thought was impossible.

The above example shows us that nothing is impossible but I must say that life doesn’t always bring us what we most desire.

Switching to another topic, few are the parents who do not want to know the gender of their baby. There is a system invented during the Qing Dynasty in China which is today widespread. In the form of a table it shows us the chinese age and the lunar month one wish to conceive in order to be a baby boy or girl. In that way, pregnant ladies can calculate the month of conception according to her age and find the gender of the baby. The table was considered quite accurate but as we know, predictions do have its gaps and in our modern world, contraception is usual and may change the rules.

Baby Gender Table from Pinterest

In Bazi point of view the children gender is also shown through the children stars.

HO refers to boys and EG refers to girls. In a man’s chart, DO refers to daughter and 7K refers to son.

In my experience, this is not 100% accurate. If only one star appears in the chart, it can mean children, boy or girl. If there is none of them, the probability lies on the LP/AP and once again, there is no certainty about the gender.