Bazi, Destiny

戊 Wu Yang Earth

When we talk about Wu earth we can think about rocks, mountains. Rocks are hard and mountains are usually difficult to climb. They don’t move, unless… something happens.

As mountains, Wu earth people are stubborn, indecisive, slow to move, lazy and don’t share their secrets but they are also trustworthy, reliable, always there, don’t change their mind easily, supportive to those who needs, have big visions and can achieve success by themselves.

Their indecisiveness is due to their swinging between their heart and their logic.

Michael Bloomberg DOB Feb 14th, 1942

Michael is the CEO of Bloomberg L.P. with more than 100 offices worldwide. As a Wu earth day master he has the vision of big things and doesn’t need others to make his own success and can create a business from nothing.

Wu earth day master is sitting on wu earth which is his wealth element since his day master is weak. When F/RW appears in the LP and are strong, the chance of Michael becoming wealthy is high. Looking at his chart, one can say that he is courageous, with skills in business and finance but needs the right time to be successful. This happened in his 47LP but his success actually began at the 27LP. He managed to be a partner at Salomon Brothers in 1972. Later he started his own business when Salomon Brothers was bought in 1982. His business was successful and he entered politics for 12 years, before he returns to his company as CEO. His best pillar was the 57LP. Now he is at his 67LP and it is still a wealthy period for him.

Mark Zuckerberg DOB Mai 14th, 1984

He denotes courage and hability to run a business. The money he gained gave him some power. He is also a Wu earth day master and is sitting on EG meaning that he is sitting on fame and success. This happened very early in his life. Now what is important to know is if his luck will continue or not.

He is now going through the 27LP which is a very wealthy pillar for him with IW sitting on EG and being produced. This IW also allows the 申-巳 combination to transform into wealth element. Depending on the years, this will be a really wealthy pillar.

When he steps into 37LP his wealth element 癸 will combine with the day master and transform into fire elements which are unfavourable to him. The 甲 in 47LP also combines and transforms into RW and will sit on F. This two LP are supposed to be good but with these transformations, his luck will change.


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