Bazi chart

Does your Bazi chart bring what you want?

I realize that many people who are learning Bazi or have asked for a professional chart reading are those that somehow do not have an  easy natal chart. Besides finding the setbacks they also want the solutions. Something like: should I drink more water? Can I use metal or jewellery to strengthen the metal energy? Should I have more plants around me to balance the lack of wood elements in my chart?

Believe me, I know the feeling of finding an unbalanced chart. It can be worrisome, disturbing, or unsettling at least.

In this new journey of mine, I found out that doing forecasting is an illusion. Let’s say I can see that someone will have a good period or will make good money. That doesn’t necessarily mean that this someone will do anything to achieve the good luck. Instead, most people will be satisfied sitting and wait for those good situations to show up. You certainly know people like that. And for sure that good forecast will not happen. This is true because life has an action-reaction system, we need to put in some efforts to bring back satisfactory results. It is like wanting to harvest without having planted anything before. In the same way, dreadful things like illness, money losses, bad luck or other unhappy situations are also the results of our actions, behaviour or choices made in the past (in this or another lifetime-if you believe in that) . It may not obvious but like a boomerang that we launched, it will take time to come back but it surely will.

So how do we overcome an unbalanced chart? As I have explained in the last  few posts, if certain elements do not exist in the natal chart, they are not required in this lifetime. We should learn to live without them. Even if you can stick to people who have those elements you can’t do it 24 hours a day or for the rest of your life. Besides that, if you have four pillars and eight characters in your natal chart it means that instead of those missing elements you got others and it is on them that you should focus on. If life gives you Output elements, then you should use them to create or make things happen, even if they are unfavourable, they can be usable. This is an important way to read a chart. Output elements produce Wealth and if your DM can control it then it will be good for you. Otherwise, with this added information, you can also make wise choices by not taking financial risks for example.

At this point I have an important keyword for you: DESIRE

But I must also ask for your attention about the following explanation:

For desire, I’m not talking about yearning or craving, it’s more subtle. When you wish for something and you desire it to happen you are simply telling the whole universe that you don’t have it or you lack it. Because the universe also has the action-reaction system, what will you get in return? More of the same! Lack of something! Well, this is not the way.

So, what I’m proposing here is to approach it in another way. Imagine the situation that you want to be real. Think about that as you are dreaming, every detail, every smell and most important every feeling, sensation or emotion that you have by living the situation as if it has already come true. This is the point. For some people this is enough to feel good because they can bring this feeling and emotion into their lives, which makes their life more pleasant even when nothing is happening yet.

If this is not enough for you then I suggest a few steps. First, think about what you desire and this will make you dream. Dreaming will let your mind wonder and consequently ideas will come out. Putting the ideas to work will lead us to action. All this energy will then produce results. At the same time if you can try to figure out the feelings, this emotion will tell the universe what you can achieve and how good you will feel. What will happen? Good results can easily come if you send out the right vibrations.

What if it doesn’t work? You may ask.

Try once more. Try it hard. At least you are not attracting situations of shortage.

I know a lady with wood as her unfavourable element and this wood happens to appear in all stems in her natal chart as DR/IR. They are the reason for several diseases in her life. Every time a strong wood pillar appears, she gets ill. One day she found that life is not so easy for her, DR/IR also mean knowledge, learning and searching among other things. Since they are located at all stems, when DR/IR appear at branches, they will give roots to those stems and make it stronger. Besides taking care of her health she also dedicates time to grasp more knowledge. She changed to a healthier way of living and continued to pursuit the balance between body and soul. This gave a different meaning for her life.

Someone once said: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”