Ten Gods

七杀 7 Killing

7K is the element that controls the Day Master with the same polarity. In fact this 7K is the only Ten God that has the real power to “kill” the self. That is why, when you see a 7K in a chart make sure you find a Ten God that is able to control, subdue or suppress it. It can be HO, DR, IR or the best EG. By having EG near the 7K you will be sure that the 7K’s effect will not be so strong.

When you have 7K near the DM, at the hour or month stem, it means that there are petty people by your side. It can be everyone close to you, brothers or sisters, friends, children, parents and so on.

Since 7K will only be favourable for weak DM if there is resource element reveal or for strong DM it should not reveal, it’s expected that the resource element, if clashed away or appearing in LP or AP will bring a huge change in those lives that have DO/7K in the natal chart. From favourable, 7K can turn unfavourable or vice-versa.

On the other hand we have 7K as a boyfriend star for the ladies. It is obvious to say that the 7K must be favourable and healthy in order to the ladies get support from the boyfriend. Otherwise these relationships can be not balanced. For males, 7K represents children and when someone is expecting babies EG must not appear or at least not too close and not too strong because it can suppress the 7K and obstacles in having children will increase.

Beside boyfriend, children and petty people 7k also represents the boss. Not an understanding and cheerful one but an aggressive one or the one that abuses power. It is hard to work with someone who is always yelling at you or being impatient.

What should you do if you have unfavourable 7K in your chart? First of all, stay away from petty people around you. Staying close to those who have your EG element can give a little help. Then what about the single ladies that want to meet their boyfriend? Well, this is a delicate situation. If your 7K is not suppressed namely by EG, does have support or protection then you will meet your soul mate and your relationship will be good but that doesn’t mean that you will get support from him. When the difficult time comes you will realize that he might not be able to help you or might be absent. This can be frustrating but at least you know it and can be aware. Wait for those periods when 7K turns favourable and you will enjoy his support. If the 7K is weak, too strong or clashed by EG, the chances of finding someone in this period can be compromised.

In terms of personality 7K is mostly related to courage, guts, go-get-it attitude but also aggressiveness, bad temper, coldness and not so emotional. Strong 7K people, most of the time, react before thinking but is also this 7K that allows them make the first move.

Although we don’t like to see EG clashing a good 7K there are some formations that allows us achieve success like EG controlling 7K formation and HO controlling 7K formation.  You can find the first one at Colin Powell’s chart and the last one in several martial arts actors or famous sports players like Dragon Lee and Jackie Chan, Zidane and many others sport players. Indeed this formation makes them go further, achieving incredible results. But you have to pay attention, not every EG-HO or 7K-HO formations are good or have a good outcome.



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17 thoughts on “七杀 7 Killing”

  1. Hi, I hope you’re doing good. If 7 Killing = actions. does this translate to business opportunity if it appears in luck pillar? Or is there a way to see whether it’s suitable time to start your own business?

    1. Hi Alex, you are right, when 7K (7K/DO) appears in the LP it will push us to embrace business. But it is not so simple. We have to make sure that this 7K is healthy and favourable otherwise we can start a business and start a hard time in our life too. Beside, 7K appears in LP doesn’t mean that the whole pillar is positive. We need to wait for those years when 7K is supported, enhanced and protected because sometimes 7K appears and is also clashed or combined into another element. This will not help and will decrease the chances or obstacles will slow us (7K clashed can bring legal problems). For those who are not thinking about business, 7K can represent promotion.

  2. Hello Feng Yan,

    What does it mean for “having EG near the 7K”, how do we determine the close proximity??
    I have a friend in the whole of my Monthly Pillar -Heavenly Earthly & Hidden Stem”, does it curb my 7K or make it more favourable? I have been told that I have a weak DM, is that true??

    I am not sure if this is a characteristic of 7K, in my community (hobby-dance), I am a trendsetter because I dare to innovate but lately I suspect this hobby is exhausting my elements, chiefly for spouse element, are my suspicions justified?

    I am a male, 9th January 1991, 20:45 ( 戌 hour)

    1. Hi Kl,
      EG near the 7K is determined by looking at their position inside the chart. If they are located at the same pillar or the pillar next to it then they are near.
      Your DM is Strong since your resources and parallel elements are stronger. Your 7K will turn more favourable when resource elements appear at stems. Without resource at stem, 7K will clash the DM. DM is sit on 7K and it won’t help. 7K/DO will also exhaust your spouse star but in your chart there is only IW (without DW, IW is considered spouse star) and IW directly clash with RW yang earth. 2019 DW appears but is clashed by JI yin earth at stem. Patience, you have to have!

  3. i have 7K in my DM and hour pillar, another 2 7K in my LP. I am feeling it is affecting my relationship alot. eventhough i do have EG in my month pillar under hidden stems. feel like with 7K in my chart, it is so hard to get a boyfriend. and yeah i dont get bf’s support, always not here for me and i have to struggle alone.

    1. Hi Stephie,
      First of all, your DM is Xin Metal and your 7K will always be Ding Fire. Your 7K is located far away from you and the root is also far from it. However there are two combinations that transform into fire (7k) plus this LP 7K is revealed and rooted. Further more, 7k located at year stem is surrounded by wealth to support. This 7k is strong and as long as DR is revealed, 7K is favourable to you. You are going through a 7K period so chances of a relationship are there. If he is not supportive, you need to be more independent. The sooner you realize and accept it, the better.

      1. thanks alot. i somehow feel relieved that my 7k is the favorable ones rather than destructive ones. however what do you mean by DR revealed? how can i make this 7K favourable by revealing DR? sorry, bazi newbie here. hehe

      2. Hi SThepie.
        DR revealed means that DR appears at stem. If in your natal chart is for whole life. LP for 10 years and AP for only 1 year long. You have DR at Hour Stem and it is Wu Earth. When Jia Wood comes, it will suffer but it will be combined away when Gui Water appears and if they are able to transform into Fire then, you will lose your DR and one more 7K next to the DM is not desirable because it will turn unfavourable. What does that mean? May be the relationships will turn negative and some legal issues, injuries, accidents can happen. It deppends on your natal chart, if there are elements that can protect you from this or even nullify it.

      3. Hi. Sorry to ask again but what is the meaning of IW on my spouse palace? I cant find any article that relate to it. Thanks again

      4. IW for a lady means not earned money (windfall, inheritance, some profits). If it sits at spouse palace (day branch) the chance of you gaining some extra money from your spouse is there. Iw also refers to business opportunities. Now you should do your exercices and try to find out when.

  4. Thank you for your reply. And yes, my relationship already turned sour in a blink of eye. So suddenly that i dont even know how to react.
    I guess that one 7k is really causing me unfortunate in love.
    And thanks for the explanation on my IW, i shall focus to accumulate more wealth than chase after hopeless relationship. Haha

  5. If yin fire day master male has month pillar with 7k yin water heavenly stem, yin metal earthly branch and IW yin metal as hidden stem, what’s that mean? No DW and IW in other pillars. EG in day master spouse palace..

    1. Hi rtan1404,
      For a better result you should read the chart all together, at least 4 if not 6or 8 pillars. but solely the day pillar with EG at spouse palace can mean you can have artistical influence from your spouse or he/she can be a very creative person. Don’t forget the sub-Qi, they can make some differences. Having 7k on your side is not bad because you already have EG to balance, but 7k also need Resource to be favourable if you are a Weak DM. Strong DM can handle a 7k, not too strong and if there is HO near, depending on the the position and other elements, it can form a 7K-HO formation. Now you can understand that all pillars are related and you need to see the big picture instead of one or two pillars alone.
      All the best 😉

    2. Hi rtan,
      Yin metal belongs to autumn when yin fire is weak. Yin water near day master will weaken even more. You have to analyze all 8 characters. If DM is really weak then DW, IW & EG are not favorable to you.

  6. Hi,
    I have 7k in the year, month, and day pillars.
    I’ve been told this is very bad luck, especially in terms of relationships. This seems to be true, considering I can’t make any relationship last and it really makes me suffer.
    Is my chart the case where 7k is “bad”? How can I balance this, if possible?

    Female, 18 January 1990, 6:35PM (18:35)

    Thank you!

    1. 7K also refers to courage, guts, go-get-it attitude and when a lady is straight, have some commanding energy, the relationships with the opposite sex can be kind a difficult. Even in this century, things are not easy. If you look carefully, Gui DM and Ji DB (7K) form a unhealthy relationship (yin water + yin earth) and sometimes can be toxic. All these might not favour relationships.
      How to balance? You need to change attitude and try to understand what is important to your partner in order to build harmony. On the other side, are you willing to do this for the rest of your life? Being someone that is not you? The choices are the most important things in our life. They will dictade the consequences. May be you can try once or twice, giving love a chance and then decide.

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