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偏财or才Indirect Wealth

IW is the element controlled by the Day Master with the same polarity. Indirect Wealth is different from Direct Wealth though they are both wealth element. DW is related to earning and managing money but it is also related to hard working, solving problems or directing. It shows one’s capability to earn more or less income. On the other hand, IW is related to business, eye for opportunities, negotiations, making huge amount of money in a short time, dump money, inheritance, betting or gambling. Those are risky actions that demand courage or guts. There are great chances for big profits as well as huge financial lost.

If DW represents spouse for the males then IW represents second wife, girlfriend or mistress. IW also represents father for males and grandmother for females. The good or bad relationship between them depends on the quality of this IW. If it is revealed, rooted and well protected, not harmed by the neighbours, the chance of having a good relationship is high. In terms of personalities, one under strong IW influences will denote a risky, irresponsible, brave adventurous… kind of traits.

People with strong IW will hardly be a kind of workaholic type. Instead, their money usually comes from inheritance, windfall or high trading profits. They also have poor skills in cumulating money and are prone to high risk investments. One day they are millionaire and the next day they can be in bankruptcy just because they dare to invest everything they have.

So IW should not be too strong or too weak. It needs protection and when the right time comes wealth will be achievable.

For the IW to be good they have to be favourable or for the weak DM, they have to wait until their F/RW become strong enough in order to control the wealth element. It is important to say that all the others elements in the chart should be take into account. Their presence can enhance or fade up the strength of the IW and the outcome would be different.

If IW doesn’t appear in your natal chart it could mean that you might not have skills for business or eye for opportunities. But if you have good HO/EG you can also produce money or if you have a favourable RW then you can rely on a partnership with someone who has good business skills.

If DW and IW both appear in the natal chart it might mean that one will switch between the two types of behaviour, hard worker and financially irresponsible. Ladies, if you find that your spouse DM is sitting on IW at the day pillar, don’t panic. It does not necessarily mean that your husband will have an affair. Sometimes it can reveal that the wife will provide him the opportunity to start a business or money will come from her, like inheritance, windfall or even business.

IW as a wealth element for strong DM, doesn’t like F/RW nearby. Strong IW with strong RW close to it will not have the luck as one who is meant to be rich. Instead, money will show out as a problem or even as a crisis if it is not well managed. Big problems will come when the luck and annual pillars bring a strong RW/F or strong RW/F combinations. It will clash with the IW and it will possibly get injured or to be killed. If this happens, huge financial problems or bankruptcy can be real. How serious the problems are will depend on the interactions of those elements. Are there any elements that serve as bridge to minimize the clash? It is necessary to find them not only in the chart but also inside hidden elements or combinations. This might be the little difference between someone that survives from a fatal accident and someone who does not.

Usually people want to know when they can make their first million. It seems to me that it’s more important to give a good management in difficult times. If you are aware that money problems will arrive, you need to take actions and it means that you must change your behaviour, your spending habits, lay low and so on. I have noticed that some people who have won the lottery become even poorer years later just because they don’t want or don’t know how to cumulate and after the bad habits installed, debs will also appear.

Another bad habit is gambling, and I am not referring to big amounts. It can be just 2 or 3 $ in the scratch cards. People are there, betting their entire income on those little cards waiting for a big reward that might never come. If it is influenced by an unfavourable IW then, it will be worst.

In terms of 5 elements, we know that Wealth will produce Power/Influence element. It can mean a job promotion in certain circumstances or a opportunity to entrepreneurship. But if DO/7K are unfavourable, legal issues or problems with authority might happen and it will be more serious if EG/HO joint to the battle.

Now let’s do some exercices.

The two charts above have revealed IW and seems to be average strong. Can you tell if they belong to rich and successful people and why?



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In between, I will share with you the answers of the questions above. (Find it here)

8 thoughts on “偏财or才Indirect Wealth”

  1. Really happy too read your post!
    First chart is belong to Michael Bloomberg, so first chart is a succesful chart. Yin wu xu fire combination make him a strong earth DM, and heaven IW makes him a good businessman. What about the second chart?

    1. Hi, how about plot his chart and Ten Years Luck cycles. You will notice that if he is a strong DM then he might not be rich because his LPs wouldn’t help. The first 6 LP are not so favourable to him.
      Please hang on just few more days. I will release the second part of the post. One tip : the second chart belongs to Angelina Jolie. The rest is up to you. 😉

  2. Having the hurting officer at the stem and rooted does this mean am suitable for entrepreneurship business or any other type of business even when indirect wealth star appears but not strong in my birth chart;28 April 2001 ,3pm.Thank you.

    1. HO is about acting, singing, talking, teaching, dancing, playing some sports… it is possible a business in any of this area. Wait for a strong 7k to give you the necessary guts to start.

  3. thanks for the info !

    my son having DW on the year, IW on the mth, DR on the hour (DM got IW/EG/7K).
    what does it mean? DW have to work hard, whereas IW get windfall… does it mean my son will get inheritance from me? how should i groom him towards the positivity side (not gambling due to easy money) and of course i hope he can be successful with good health & wealth.

    while reading, i had a thought… could it be because my son is a IW, when he was born, somehow it affected me to improve on my wealth luck?

  4. Hi master,I wanted to know if I was suitable for doing business since both hurting officer and indirect wealth are revealed.birth date:28 April 2001,2pm

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