Ten Gods

食神 Eating God

EG is the element created by the Day Master with the same polarity. It represents creativity, eccentricity and perfectionism. Since it is an Output element, it represents philosophical thinking, intelligence, strategy and also flamboyance.

*If EG become very strong (for ladies) it will clash with 7K/DO in a chart and chances of divorce can be high.

Although EG is related to food, its main meaning is creation of food or the art of making tasty food and beautiful dishes. But is not the only creation that it is related. It also expresses creation in other areas like writing, drawing, and painting.

When EG appears revealed and rooted in a chart, the artistic skills will be more visible. In term of characteristics traits, the person will appreciate beautiful and finer things in life, will have a sense of luxury and will be like an invisible hand that gets things done.

If EG in a chart is too strong or too weak, the negative aspects of personality traits will manifest. The person is weirder, act as a day dreamer, have Peter Pan syndrome, over complicate a problem, don’t want to face reality and can also be mean-spirited.

For a strong Day Master, EG is positive and can decrease the strength of the self. On the other hand EG can produce wealth as an output element, using knowledge to make things happen. EG also represents intelligence, wisdom, reputation and fame.

For a weak Day Master, EG is unfavourable be it weaken the self, be it enhancing the wealth element that is negative leading to money problems. EG also will clash with 7K/DO bringing law issues or obstacles in relationships or even conceptions problems.

For ladies, EG as an output element also represents children. We can find their relationship with the children through the relationship between self and EG, between day and hour pillar and the strength of the EG itself. For a good relationship, the two pillars shouldn’t be involved in clash, harm, destruction, punishment or combination where the EG is combined away. EG (HO also count as children star) should be strong otherwise the relationship might be compromise. EG as a children star can be also influenced by the resource elements. If we encounter a strong resource element in a lady natal chart, when comes the time of conception and EG appears in the LP or AP, it will be clashed by the strong resource element and conceiving will become harder.

If unfavourable 7K appears in the natal chart, it should be controlled by other elements and EG is the best choice for the harm to decrease. The closer they are the better it is for a more effective control.

Although 7K/DO can be unfavourable they are still  boyfriend/spouse stars and being clashed by EG will challenge the relationship and when a lady gets married in a EG year, the chances are this marriage might not last long.

However, we need to remind that Bazi only refers to a third part of destiny, and one have to see the strength of the elements before deciding that a marriage will not last or someone can’t even find the right person for a relationship.

After all, the relationship between the Ten Gods is important for the chart reading and one needs to take into account all the 6 pillars (8 is better) when analysing the complex interactions between them.



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21 thoughts on “食神 Eating God”

    1. Hi mxin,

      For a lady, it can represents husband and if this DO is strong and not clashed, the chance of this lady meet her husband is high. However, since this DO is sit on EG, it means that the relationship can hardly last. The conditions are the EG is strong, not combined and not clashed by the wealth element in order to control the DO. First, you have to find the strength of each Ten God and then look fot the interactions between them to see the outcome.

  1. Hi,

    What if EG is sitting on the DM, is in the spouse palace? No DO in the chart (only 7k in hidden steams), so very hard relations? Hard to find someone because EG is always controling?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Angie.
      Do you mean DM sitting on EG (spouse palace)? You need to see how strong this EG is. If it is strong then relationships are indeed harder.

  2. Does it mean that my 7Ks in Month, Day and Hour pillars are not controlled by my EG since my EG is weak (weak DM)? Which in turn means that I will meet nasty bosses in my career and negativity of 7Ks will prevail? Thanks.

    DOB: 18 Nov 1988 (Hour 00:00 – 01:00 Zi)

    1. Hi, Sorry for the late reply.
      You forgot your HO. As HO is sit next to 7K, they will combine even not transform into fire. The only problem is about the branches. They all transform into 7k and there is nothing to control them. But you are not a weak DM. If you look carefully, you are a Extreme Weak which means a STRONG DM. In this case, 7k/DO are your favourable Ten Gods. Don’t worry.

  3. Hi,
    My DM sitting on EG (branch) and beside EG and HO respectively (stem). There are 7k & DO in the branch. How to know if my EG is strong or weak? Will I encounter marriage? Can I improve my career?

    1. You need to know if the season supports your EG. Since it appears at stem and rooted at branches the chances of being strong is high. Now, you also need to see if there are clashes or combinations that can change the strength.
      Most of the time when EG is too strong the relationships with DO & 7k are more challenging but if they appear at the LP or AP very strong and protected and if they combine with the DP then marriage if possible.

      1. Doest it mean that when EG is too strong (favourable), DO & 7k will be weak (unfavourable)? What about if day master is strong that DO & 7k is favourable ten gods, what happen with the EG then? Could it be hard romance relationship then?


  4. Hi,
    I’m a Ding DM currently in my 7K luck pillar, and I have EG in my Year branch. I want to determine which are my useful gods so I can have more insight to find a relationship and improve my career. I am in the arts industry, so is it correct that EG represents my Output (creativity) which in turn will generate wealth? I want to be an influential creator in my field, what are some of the obstacles I have in my chart?
    Female, DOB: 1991.02.26 Si hour 09:00-11:00

    1. Hi moon,
      Yes, EG HO are your favourable and they can make you generate wealth. But since they are not reveal, you have to give more effort and work hard in order to be recognized. The current LP is good in terms of creativity and hard work but you have to avoid confrontations and to take care of yourself in order to minimize health issues, and emotional stress.

  5. Hi Lifesglance,
    I have difficulty in evaluating the strenght of my daymaster. I’m a Ji not born in season, wich means weak, but i have a lot of earth in my chart and that’s why some say I’m a strong DM.
    Can you give me your opinion?
    My DM is sitting on EG, no DO (not even in LP) so… very hard relationships because EG clashes my DO/7k?
    I wonder if this will be as challenge as it seems in relations field…, (until now i can confirm that yes!)
    I don’t know if EG is favourable or not to me since I’m not sure about the strenght of my DM.
    DB: 08/12/1979, 7am-9am
    Thank you in advance,


  6. Hi there!
    Chanced upon your article and I’m keen to find out the strength of my EG. My DO (revealed at the stem) is sitting on EG and IW on the month pillar. I’m a weak Yi Wood DM. How do I determine is the EG is strong or weak especially during my Bing LP?
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Lifesglance,

    I am a bazi enthusiast – but still an amateur. I read that having too many EGs in your chart means good marriage is hard to come by. I was looking at my mum’s chart and noticed that she has a few EG surrounding her DM. However, my mum actually has a good marriage. Could you help me shed some light on this… I am keen to learn.

    Her birth date: 24 December 1960/ 7.45am.

    Thanks Lifesglance.

    1. Hi M. Your mum is very lucky. You can see 3x EG in her chart and is true that EG will clash DO. But you need to see the whole chart and the strength of all elements and their interaction. Although the EG is strong due to the roots at Chen and Xu, there is a clash between them. When this happen, their strength is weakened. EG at month stem is sit on DO. Who will win in this clash? The picture here is a mountain clashing with a river or even clouds in the sky. Montain is stronger but it will not reduce the force of the water and a dense fog can hide the whole mountain. We can say that here is a balance between them. Now, remember that Zi belongs to Winter and at the peak of the season earth is not strong. There is the difference. DO is stronger. Further more, hour branch combines with month and year branch to form a half cardinal combination able to transform through metal at hour stem. The outcome is two more DO produced and the EG weakened. So, in the end, DO wins given your mother a strong and good relationship with the spouse.

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