Bazi, Destiny, Ten Gods

十神 Ten Gods

十神 10 Gods, here in Bazi, are not referring to the religious Gods. Instead, they are referring to the five elements, in order to simplify the complexity in reading Bazi. Since it is related to the five elements (metal, wood, water, earth and fire) and their yin-yang polarity, it sums a total of 10 Gods.

This concept of 10 Gods is an advanced matter in Bazi and for beginners it is not an easy subject to grab and master.

However, putting things in an easy way to understand, we can use the 10 Gods to analyse the characteristics of the owner of a Bazi chart, who is represented by the Daymaster (Day Stem) in the chart.  As a chart has four pillars with stems and branches with a total 8 characters inside, the other 7 characters can be represented by 10 Gods, related to this particular Daymaster. Take special note here that some branches can have more than one 10Gods (Stems in Main-Qi and Sub-Qi).

I have prepared a Cheat Sheet about 10 Gods so one can have a better understanding of the relationship between them.

Each 10 God is associated with different characteristics grouped in Personality traits (positive and negative), People related, Places related and Subjects.

The relationship between the 10 Gods is derived by the relationship between the five elements themselves (See Cheat Sheet).

When analysing a Bazi chart, the different 10 Gods that appear in it, their location and interaction can tell us a lot of information. Using this information, one can be aware of their inner personality traits, superficial or real skills, relationships with people in their life and what really suits them in the aspects of work environment, job industries, the capacity to start their own business, whether an early/late marriage is more beneficial, when will be the best time to launch different projects and so on.

Although Bazi is a very powerful tool to analyse one´s life events, it is only one-third of the Cosmic Trinity. The ancient Chinese Metaphysic tells us that the Cosmic Trinity is composed by Heaven, Earth and Man Luck.

Heaven Luck is the luck that we are born with and it is not in our hand to change. We can´t change the place where we were born, the siblings that we already have, our parents or even our gender. But we can choose whatever existing system to reach it, I personally chose Bazi.

Earth Luck is the luck mainly related to Feng Shui (a well-known Chinese Metaphysic’s tool based on energy and environment). Everything in the world has energy and vibrations that can positive or negatively affect our emotions, health, wealth, career or relationships. This is something that we can´t totally control but in some degree, we can change. We can move out, change the country where we live, switch jobs, deal with different people, etc.

Man Luck is related to everything that we do as a human being. We can fully control it. It is about our thoughts, ideas, words, creations, actions and behaviour. We can choose between doing good, helping others, being responsible or in another way, being selfish, making trouble, wiping out hope, trust or even lives.

After all, by knowing our chart, we can be aware of the timing of the most important events that will occur in our lives, allowing us to lay low or to do efforts in the right moment in order to achieve success or minimize the effect of difficult times and big problems. This is also a tool to enable us to make better choices in terms of career or job industry according to our favourable elements, avoiding future hassles of the a wrong career or uselessly spending a lifetime!



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2 thoughts on “十神 Ten Gods”

  1. Great post, very concise and structured

    Question: if i need Bing Fire but i don’t have any Fire element in my chart, i know i can’t use the traits, but can i be more involved with places, people, subjects associated with Bing Fire (to ‘use’ Bing Fire)?

    1. Thank you. find people among your friends and family who have fire in their chart. Better is fire is strong or a good position (year branch; month branch; Day Master). And “stick to them”. Their influence in you is quite interesting but it needs time (together).

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