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壬 Ren Yang Water

Yang water is like the oceans, lakes or rivers with large amount of water flowing constantly and seems to never stop.

Water in its liquid form have no form at all and can have the form of its container. If water is flowing upward to downward, there will be no obstacles that can hold it. Water can go around the objects and find a way out. So sometimes it needs boundaries just to hold it.

 Like water, Ren Day Masters are very adaptive to any new situations. When an obstacle comes, they just overcome it or go around finding a way out even an unthinkable way. They never give up, as given up is dying. They are those who don’t use the force, using the power of mind instead, learning everything that they can, in an easy way, to lead them to achieve what they want.

Water also represents wisdom and yang water people are intelligent, they like freedom very much and have a good memory. As the opinion of others around them plays a very important roll to their emotional well being, they need to constantly show off to keep a good impression.

When comes to strength, when Ren Water Day Masters are strong enough, it would be difficult for them to accept anything but to being the best. They will do whatever they can to achieve all their dreams. Although, when water become too strong, it will like no boundaries at all and they will lost their directions.

On the other hand, if a Ren Water DM can’t get the so needed balance of strength of the elements and become weaker, they can then suffer the consequences of an inferiority complex’s state of mind.

When comes to money matters, Ren Water people doesn’t like to take high risks and can be very stubborn, sticking in what they trust.

Let’s find some Ren Water Day Masters.


Bill Gates DOB Oct 28, 1955 (10:00PM)



It is not difficult to identify him as a Ren Water DM. His intelligence, skills and perseverance leaded him to the top.


Jack Ma DOB Sep 10, 1964 (TOB unknown)


He is also known as “Bill Gates of Asia”. Actually we can find some of his experiences and teaching through information on-line.

This is one of his saying: “Giving up is the greatest failure. If you don’t give up, you still have a chance.”


…   …   …               …   …   …


If you are a Ren Water DM and you don’t feel a winner like them, maybe you should take a look at your own Bazi chart, search out the imbalances and find a way to overcome it.

“If you’ve never tried, how will you ever know if there’s any chance?” – Jack Ma



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4 thoughts on “壬 Ren Yang Water”

      1. Hi Master,
        Great post! I’m interested with your articles and need some advice.
        This is a single lady chart:
        Geng Ren Jia Yi
        IR DM EG HO
        Xu Yin Shen Chou
        7k EG IR DO
        Ten luck pillar (10LP):
        Wu 7k (stem)
        Zi Friend (branch)
        Hidden stem Gui Rob Wealth in winter season.

        Need your help to calculate if in the period of 10LP above:
        1. Is the right time to change job? Because there is “Zi Friend” in the branch. Twelve years working been paid staff salary but doing supervisor job, thus career stagnant. Can’t pass some jobdesk to colleague because the colleague is not capable of doing so, seem rather slow. So doing more task than the others.
        2. Do the owner chart have a serious health problem? As there is “7k” in stem and coincidental can’t take seafood and broiler chicken anymore because got itching and cause irritation on body. No matter how much take water but still feel dry.


      2. Hi CICO,
        When 7K appears it can mean changes, opportunities, courage,…but it also means fear, stress, issues with authority or other legal issues. For this lady, 7K should be good but since there is IR st stem, the scenario changes. This 7K will produce or strengthen the metal element (unfavourable for DM) that in terms of health also refers to skin, so issues with alergies are possible. Looking at the 5 pillars and can’t find fire wealth to prevent EG HO to attack 7K. This is not a good time for making changes. If the changes are already made then the result will not be so good.

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