One of my latest posts I have covered about clashes. If clashes are something that we don’t like to appear in the chart or between Luck and Annual pillars due to the stress caused, punishments are not less harmful. People with punishment in their chart always feel unhappy, pessimistic or never satisfied. Even when they are high, they will always find something that makes them feel unhappy. So, their happiness is only ephemeral.

When we talk about punishment, it always sounds negative or like suffering, but it doesn’t have to be always like this. If the elements involved are favourable, the problems will occur, but they will not harm or at least are tolerable.

There are four types of punishments. The animal signs involved should be side-by-side in the natal chart if they are not come from Luck and Annual pillars.


This type of punishment is established between the signs Monkey-Snake-Tiger and as the name implies, it means betrayal. People with this punishment will usually help others and in return, will get themselves in trouble. It can also involve accidents, illnesses or injuries.

If the punishment is found inside the chart, it will be triggered by any of the signs involved when they appear at the Luck, Annual, Monthly or Daily pillars. That’s mean, frequently. If there are only two of them then the third sign will be the triggering element. Whenever this sign appears the punishment will occur.

As punishments involve at least two pillars, it will also affect the relationships with the family, specially spouse and/or parents.


This time the animal signs involved are Sheep-Dog-Ox and the punishment indicates situations when we are helpless or cornered and can’t do anything to prevent.

Internally (inside the chart) this punishment means we put pressure on ourselves and externally (come from other pillars) it means that someone else will bully us.

The main issues of this kind of punishment is about relationship and legal problems, lawsuits, bickering, gossiping and backstabbing.

Although punishment always means pressure, if the elements are favourable or positive and useful then the outcome can still be good.


Rabbit-Rat are the animal signs involved in this punishment. Rabbit (Mao 卯) is wood element and Rat (Zi 子) is water element. Water feeds wood and wood should be grateful but instead “bite the hand who feeds”. This is the scenario of punishment, where uncivilized means rough, rude, impolite, savage or barbarous, unmannered or uneducated. People are doing things in an unpolished way, being rude or disrespectful.

Rabbit and Rat are also Peach Blossom stars, when hostiles and in serious cases, this suggest issues related to uncontrolled sexual desire. Depending on the chart, one can be abusive or being abused by.

Red – Uncivilized Punishment
Blue – Bullying Punishment
Black – Ungrateful Punishment


As the name implies, this kind of punishments involve the DM doing silly things knowing is wrong or stupid but doing it anyway, like smoking, drinking, dating the wrong people or having drugs. After all, being the own enemy. The seriousness of the outcome will depend on the strength of the elements and its favourableness. If this situation happens in a daily or monthly pillar the consequences should be minors and if the elements are not hostile the chances of a positive outcome are there. Imagine that I decide to spend all day in my kitchen making some pastry and at the end of the day I turned out with a lot of pain. It is the bad side but the good one is that I have a lot of cakes and cookies for the rest of the week!

We have Self Punishments when these four animal signs repeat inside the chart or come from other pillars.

酉-酉(Rooster) refers to situations like someone seeking recognition at any price and receive some eggs instead.

辰-辰 (Dragon) refers to people living their own separate life from the world, unable to show their talents, easily depressed and usually unable to finish what have start.

亥-亥(Boar) refers to people who are usually depressed because they can’t get what they want due to laziness and can lead to suicidal behaviour.

午-午(Horse) refers to people who travel too much and can’ t pursue what they want and they also like to win and don’t welcome criticism being impatient and extreme.

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