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偏印 Indirect Resource

Indirect Resource is the element that produces the DM with the same polarity and is related to Unconventional skills, Research, Great sensitivity, Good intuition, Paranormal activities, Emotional and Mental health. It Represents Grandfather for males and Mother for females. When IR appears in the natal chart and is revealed, strong, healthy and well protected then DM will show the positives personality traits like good intuition associated with innate sixth sense, inventive, resourceful, intellectually curious, relaxed personality with unconventional interests, can be eccentric or a dreamer. But when it appears and is weak or too strong then the negatives traits will be more evident being impractical, unrealistic, paranoid, get upset easily, sensitive, introverted and suspicious-minded, very lazy, like to cut corners and are usually procrastinators.

As a resource star, it is good and positive for the weak DM so they can be enhanced and be protected. It will act as a shield against attacks from 7K to the DM and the positions should be near. The difference between having and not having resource stars in the natal chart or near the DM is that by having them is like having protection of the nobleman and things will go smoother in one’s life. The strength and health of the resource stars are very important so they can exert their best influence. However, if this IR is not favourable or not useful and when it becomes too strong, health issues can be more frequent or more serious and hidden diseases can show up in this period.

If we need to check the relationship between a lady and her mother we should see the healthiness of the IR. If it is strong and well protected and not injured then this relationship is good and mother is important to this lady. If the IR is too strong or too weak, the chances of mother not having a good health are high. We need to see also the position to find out if her mother is staying around or far away. When this IR is attacked or injured by the annual or LP elements, this will mean that mother will suffer somehow and depending on the severity of the attack and the elements inside the chart that can help, the problems will serious or not.

As IR also represents our emotional and mental health it means that once IR is under attack, the DM will feel depressed or more confused and consequently will make wrong decisions. We usually find this kind of charts in people who did terrible decisions like assassinating innocents under a not understandable idealism.

So who or what will attack the IR? The answer is DW/IW directly or HO/EG-DW/IW in a reverse attack. In this case we need DO/7K to protect the IR. From this we may be aware of whom or what is causing the problem.

Since EG will directly clash the IR, it is not good to see IR in a chart with EG structure. It is easier to meet with accidents, disasters or misfortunes. If a lady has strong IR, the chances of having children may be compromised. In the same way, the owner of the chart can be quarrelsome, like to argue, leading to a bad reputation.

IR also represents loneliness. When it appears in a chart and according to the pillar, it can mean loneliness in that period, year pillar stands for childhood, month pillar stands for adulthood, day pillar stands for mature age and hour pillar for late in life or old age.

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4 thoughts on “偏印 Indirect Resource”

  1. Hi, Master.
    If 7k/DO protect the IR. Can the IR counter attack EG/HO? What might happen to the person? By the case, what causing the problem in the person’s life then?

    1. Yes. The outcome will depend on the existence of friend stars. If they are sitting at stem or the DM is strong then it will serve as bridge between DR IR and EG HO. If not, conflicts, arguments, reputation or health issues can appear.
      For branches it can be a little more complicated because it can involve combinations.

  2. Hi Lifesglance,

    My bazi chart has EG as useful God.. Resource is unfavorable for me.. All Resource years are horrible
    And what you said above is amazingly align with my life. My emotional health is bad, prone to make wrong decisions in time of stress. And worst of all, my relationship with mother brings destruction in all aspects in my life.. sigh.. she is the one who pushed me into wrong paths and decisions.
    Although I am quite intelligent but it seems useless since I am prone to make some fatal life decisions. Can you help give solutions with unfavorable resource chart?

    1. Hi LYN, don´t panic. IR represents mother but that doesn’t mean you have to follow all her advice. They are only advices and you are the one who has the last word. Remember that. Sorry to say, if you blame her it seems like you want to get rid of the responsibilities of your own choices. So don´t do that. Instead, follow my thought: «Nothing is by chance, things always happens for a good reason». May be you need to learn from it. «Perfection only comes after many failures» but you realy need to learn the reason why you failed. Everyday homework: praise yourself, do something that please you.

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