Ten Gods

劫(财) RobWealth

RW is one of the 10 Gods, with the same element as the Day Master but with the opposite polarity. Being a Friend star, RW in the natal chart denotes a strong networking capacity. People with dominant RW should work in a large organization where they can build relationships with others, because they have the skill to use it to ask for help when they need it.

Usually people with strong RW are seductive, charismatic and persuasive. Those are the skills to convince. That is why they are good in the commercial field as selling. They can also be very competitive.

On the other side RW means spendthrift habits or difficulty to keep money. When it is favourable, healthy and strong enough in a chart, denotes capacity to make money but not to save. Being that, RW is a 10 God that should appear but not be too strong. When it become too strong, one can have spendthrift tendency or even fall into the temptation of gambling and risky investments.

When an element become too weak or too strong within the period of a Luck Pillar (10 years cycle), the negative characteristics of the related 10 God will manifest more frequently or show more evident. One should be aware of those changes.

Related to people, RW represents our siblings or friends of the opposite sex, our rivals but also our partner.

A partner is someone who will help me gain profits and do part of my work, share my concerns and responsibilities, but I also need to share  the profits.

A rival can compete with me for a girlfriend,  opportunities, victories and so on…

If the RW is located at the HP (hour pillar of the chart), it probably means that  we must spend more money with children for any reason.

If it is located at the spouse palace, chances are money is spent to help the spouse or the owner of the chart have less affinity to get married.

With RW located at month pillar, it will be more difficult to keep the money.

When RW appears at year pillar, one will be good at managing money. But being far from the Day Master, it will become less usable.

For Weak DMs RW being a friend star is favourable and is their wealth star. It just needs to be protected by resource elements to become strong enough to enhance the DM and control the wealth element.

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51 thoughts on “劫(财) RobWealth”

  1. Hi, still new to bazi. Just curious, is there any way to curb with rob wealth? My chart has a lot of Rob wealth, does this actually mean I have no fate to become wealthy man?
    My birthdate for your reference.
    22/07/1993 22:50

    1. Hi Andy,
      you know, your real problem is not the RW, instead it is your strong unfavourable DW/IW. Since you have enter your 25LP and this is not a wealthy pillar, you will find that money is hard to come and you need to spend a lot. But, don’t give up and keep going, because when you reach the 35LP, your chance to be wealthy is there. However, with all the DW/IW in the natal chart, it will be hard to accumulate. Since you tend to be financially imprudent, you must be aware and be careful about money.
      Wish you all the best.

    2. Hi there, I’m rather curious about my current luck pillar situation. Did bit of research on current pillar that’s RW with Goat Blade structure combining with my DM RenShen (which understandably weak as I’m born on summer month). I’ve been in Real estate industry (as agent) fr pass 2 years+, but find rather difficult to close deals /make any income , also did noticed have an urge of spending in many things…
      Would appreciate much sound advice and strategy for me, to keep up in this current luck pillar to improvise my financial standing and bad habits along the way if I were to succeed future financial freedom life.
      Thank you in advance.

      1. Hi Blossom78
        You know RW means literally ROB WEALTH. First you should know if your RW is favourable to you. If yes, you may think about a partnership, someone that can help you to manage your wealth. If not favourable, then you should try to avoid friends that keep make you spend.
        If nothing is working, you should considere that it is the way you must live this time (this life) in order to learn something about that. In this case, the path is to accept and try to live at better as you can, even without much wealth.

      2. Did you read my post named “how to react to your own chart”? Here is a secret: our natal chart tells us what to expect in our life but it also tells us our path. What do you want most? Happiness or wealth? Both, you may say but you have to pick one in order to achive other/others. Furthermore, you can be sucessful or not in this areas. So is up to you. Now, you can use your creativity to transform your life and do things that you like or make you feel good. Rich people most of the time can’t achieve happiness. Think about that. And don’t cry! Ok. Do it but then stick to your well-being.

  2. Hi im ronell,, i don’t have rob wealth on bazi chart,, and then the position of my indirect wealth is in heavenly stem and earthly branches of month pillar,, do i have capacity to create wealth? what about a chance in gambling?

      1. Hi Ronell
        You don’t need RW to be wealthy instead it will rob your wealth. Your chart is a very good one however there are no wealthy luck pillars. Your current LP is having a full punishment and year of Pig will bring you changes and money lost. If you really want to try your gamble luck at least do it in your wealthy years or favorable years. All the best!

  3. I do not have DW / IW at all, but I have Rob wealth in my month pillar hidden stem. Does it mean that I can do well in commission based job ?

    Male, 23/11/1992, 0650 am

    1. Hi Eli,
      Yes, RW is your favourable element and is quite strong. You will do well in commission based job. You are good at convince your customers to pay for your products.
      All the best!

  4. I have IW in hidden stem of month pillar & 2 RWs in my hour, does that mean that i will self-sabotage and not have wealth?

    9th January 1991, 20:45 ( 戌 hour)

    1. Your wealth luck will come later in your life but in between you have to learn how to accumulate money instead of being spenthdrif and this can help you overcome money issues.

  5. Hi there,
    Can I ask I have 2 RW on my hour and day pillar and my next lp will be RW. What will happen? I’m a bing fire DM.
    hoping for for your reply. Ty in advance!

  6. Hi Shifu,

    I am Aaron and I have RW in my hour and day pillar. I am facing lot of downfalls recently in financial as well as finding an relationship. For relationship, I have been single for quite long, and recently girls that I met, gave me lot of false hopes and then after a short while, I found out they slept with other guys (even my “friend” is involved with one of them)..

    Looks like my chart is not that strong, hopefully you can advise me.

    02-04-1994, 14.23pm

    Yours Sincerely,


    1. Hi Aaron,
      You are indeed a strong DM that is why strong F star last year and RW this year are not helping. IW appears but is clashed by the above RW. This year, relationships are not so positive. 2020 with EG producing DW it will be better, but if you are looking for a strong and long lasting relationship, you have to wait for strong Wealth LP and it means that you have to be patient.

  7. HI, I am Gene. I am new to Bazi . Quite confused with RW in Hour and Day Pillar.
    DOB: 12Oct1979 – Female

    Spouse Palace has RW as well as in my Hour Pillar, my partner has RW in his Spouse palace too, Does it mean we cant accumulate wealth or very difficult to get married?

    1. Hi Gene,
      Wealth will depends on the strength of the DM. RW is only part of the equation. About marriage, you have to analyze your spouse element too. If it’s strong, it’s location and the interaction with the surrounding elements in order to decide the outcome.

  8. Hi there,

    Is the RW under hour branch good for me? I read somewhere mention the hour branch will combine with spouse palace branch IW, as im not married what then does it relate to? and what if when married with children? Will next LP be good for me overall? thanks

    DOB: 9Mar1982 16:50

    1. Hi Cas. Sorry for the late reply.
      The hour branch does not necessarely combine with the day pillar. In your case, there is a hidden combination. You are not married (you said) but you can still do it. However, if there is no spouse, then IW means wealth from a different way from salary. Wind fall, inheritance,…
      Will next LP de good? It must take into account your gender.

  9. Hi Lifesglance

    What does RW mean for a woman in terms of relationship? Bing DM,
    Ren 7K sitting on WU (Ding RW, Ji HO) in the month pillar (combo), and WU hidden combo with Hai in year branch.

    Does it mean bf infidelity with another woman?

  10. Hi lifeglance,
    My husband is a businessman. i m Bing Fire with DW(Xin fire- my wife), EG and RW in my Day Master. what does it mean?

      1. My husband is a businessman. He is a Bing Firewith DW, EG and RW. How to interpret this.

      2. Hi Irene,
        For a gentleman having DW at the spouse palace is a good sign. However you need to read the whole chart to interpret each element and what their influence in your particular case. Only one element won’t tell you much.
        All the best.

  11. Hi,
    I have a lot of RW in my chart. Does it mean that I’m a selfish / cold-hearted type of person, unable to manage finances? Also, there is RW in the Hour Pillar, does it mean I won’t have a close relationship with my children?

    DOB: 9 Sep 1981, 20:00


      1. Sometimes I think I am (where I prioritize myself / my well-being / being calculative). Most often time, I think I’m not – I always try to help / prioritize others whenever I can. Close friends think I tend put myself last. Yet sometimes, I do feel I have a cold-heart (eg. once I have decided to let go, I can do it rather easily/completely or if someone close to me passed away, I don’t grieve. I’m sad but I can accept it and move on).

      2. Hi Louise. Having strong RW doesn’t mean that is negative. It seems that your DM is strong and here lies the problem. RW is not so favourable but when we are talking about personality, we will always have the two side. Sometimes the positive side prevail sometimes is the negative side. RW being metal will lead to a cold person indeed but you have fire next to the DM on both side to warm up. Nothing is lost. Now, the elements inside the chart need to be triggered by Luck and Annual pillar (even others pillars). When RW appears in your LP (this is the case now) you will feel more influence. The end or the initial of a LP will bring more evidences of its effects. You just changed your LP right? It happens. Throughout the life people will change their behaviour due to the elements of the pillars. It’s true, believe me.

  12. Hi master, My husband is a Bing fire. He has DW , EG and RW in DM hidden stem, He met his ex and she has convinced him to join partner on other business, is it what is shown up in RW in his chart?

    1. Hi Irene. RW in spouse palace can actually mean partner and probably a female partner. Since it appears at spouse palace, it will probably occur after thirties.

      1. She has told my husband she want to be his mistress. Cos friend of my husband said he has 2 wives in his bazi. So my husband kind of influence by her. She is using my husband’s connection to sell her products.

  13. I am Ren DM and have RW on year and day branch (Zi), with DO (Wei) on the month. I have a zi wei harm combo on it and is wondering if my RW stars (especially in the spouse palace) are helpful to me or not? Thanks.

    1. You need to know whether this RW is favourable to you or not and it will need to evaluate the whole chart as one. However, in a deeper approach Ren water doesn’t need Gui water, the ocean doesn’t need the clouds, instead will produce them.

      1. No. It will only happen wil 7K/DO. But unfavourable RW can become useful when it’s located at a good position to enhance or protect a favourable element. It can be applied to Luck/Annual Pillars too. Sometimes favourable RW can also produce hostile HO/EG being useless.

  14. Hi, My name is Yenni a Female born in January 11 1992 at 09.05am. since my dad business closed 7 years ago. I need to support my siblings & whole family until now. And i have RW, EG, DW in my DM stem. Did it happen because of RW in my DM stem? and accidentally i have no boy friend, does it also means i have no luck in marriage?

    1. Hi Yenni. Elements that appear in your spouse palace (day branch or day pillar hidden stems as you like) are related to you, your spouse or your place (home). Since EG is the Main Qi of the spouse palace, it will lead to more obstacles in your love life. That doesn’t mean that nobody shows up. They will when the time is right and for you it was in your late LP where Gui water (DO) appears at stem and support your resource element providing you capacity to get resources. This DO also represents responsability and leadership. That’s why you have been supporting a whole “ship”. But this DO also needs to figth against the EG at spouse palace in oder to survive as a relationship and the LP just changed and you can feel the energy fading. If marriage is important to you, then you can change behaviour like being more patient, lessen the arguments,etc.
      The business and financial problems occurred can be explained through the month pillar that represents your parents and siblings. You habe been through this pillar since 18+/- and the pillar is about working and earning money (DW/HO) but this pillar does not have favourable elements for you so you need to spend a lot and for the people that it is related to: your parents and siblings.

  15. Hello sifu,

    I am a strong DM, wood.

    I have few close friends, when I socialize (focus on relating emotions) I can fail test, get bad grades, as well as don’t make money in my business.

    How do I achieve financial success with good group of friends?

    My husband and I want to have a baby, now though did not happen. I know my strong fire generates fire 🙂

    No output, can I still be wealthy.

    Any replies you can make will be insightful ( i read previous questions) and appreciate your advise and expertise. 🙂 one questions you like to answer will be perfect.

    Thank you 🙂

    DOB 4/7/1981 6:00 am

  16. My entire Chart with the exception of my year pillar has RW. Birthday is 7:26am 17/04/1990 Ren Zi.

    My DM is weak. I was born in the spring but what about my other pillars? My month pillar is Geng Chen and I’m still going to be poor 😫

    What can I do? Qi Gong, Tai Qi, Jade? HELP!!

    Am I going to be unmarried and broke with no children.

    1. Hi MetalDragonLady,
      Why are you so negative? Nothing is straight. You need to read the whole chart.
      For a weak DM you have two IR to protect you and they will protect the RW too. Among other things, RW refers to the capability to “rob” wealth from others. It means you are able to sell and make money. Don’t be spendthrift. That’s all.
      About the RW you only got one at day branch. The other two are located in the sub-Qi making RW not so strong, so nothing is lost!
      RW at spouse palace means you have to be the one who controls the money in the relationship. Not to spend.
      Whem DM is weak and 7K/DO become favourable, protecting and producing IR, this can be very good to you.
      In my point of view you can have children and sincerely, a good relationship doesn’t need a marriage to be real. Don’t you agree?

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